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Saturday, 04 May 2013


A very interesting list, doubly frustrating as I'm in France and have no "pocket money" to spare at the moment but I'm jealous of whoever gets the Konica stuff......
I wonder why secondhand digital goodies just don't seem so tempting.

Do you plan to rent Fuji 23/1.4 lens with recent body once it's available? ;)

Well, I see the E-M5 stays despite the fact that it pisses you off (quoting here). Will there be a NEX vs E-M5 culling in the future? Also, have you any interest in selling the Panasonic 20mm all by itself?

What did you do with the GF1 body cap? BTW sold mine for about the same.

Greats, Ed.

[It's no doubt with the box, which for some unknown reason I can't find. --Mike]

Mike, have you considered posting some of the photos you took with the Single Use Device? I'm not in the market for it, but I've been itching to see some photos from it since your initial post.

I'd also be potentially interested in the separate sale of the Panasonic 20/1.7 - a 40mm equivalent on my E-PL1 would be a killer walkabout for me. Of course, to afford it, I'd need to hock something myself... ah, well, I'm hoping to pull off getting an Olympus 17/2.8 by birthday time in September so that'll have to do. And maybe that 15/8 for the grins :)

And oh, to be sufficiently wealthy to divest you of the Konica RF & collapsible... dreamy kit there.

I wish you lived in the UK.

you do realise that the Minolta 35/2 & Sony 85/2.8 will fit on the NEX-6 & AF with the right adapters ...?
Admittedly there is rumoured to be an E-mount 85/1.8 coming.

Wait - you bought an NEX-6 and a CZ 24? I missed that.

Ah, if it were only 5 years ago I'd snatch all that Konica stuff up. But alas - times have changed. And not even I can rationalize it. Not even after having just seen Daido Moriyama's Near Equal.


I waited and waited for Sony to introduce an SLR with an EVF and a 36mp chip to no avail. Sony changed horses midstream and veered away from the pro market. The a900 is a nice camera. I think it trumps the a99 in most regards. Oh yeah, it doesn't shoot video.

Why not part with your Mamiya 7 kit as well?

[Because I haven't explored it enough yet. I like to feel like I have a handle on a camera and/or lens before I sell it on. Just my usual modus operandi. --Mike]

Are you selling your only copy of the 20mm Lumix lens? If you are, that's a very strong endorsement of the NEX-6 with 24mm.

I, as well as Ken, seem to have missed a major post. Last I heard you were sending the NEX-6 back and were claiming to be: 'pretty committed to the Micro 4/3 system'. Now you are offering your 'Panasonic G3 body . . . and Panasonic GX1 outfit, for sale!

Quite a switch.

Please tell us where the post is that gets us from there to now.

Mike, you should sell the Nikon 35mm and run to your local camera store and replace it with the Sigma 35mm 1.4F "art" lens. Highest resolution lens I've ever seen/owned. Even best the Nikon 70-200 VR2 by a bit. Unreal, and less than 1.2 the price of the Nikon 35.

Sigma Art lenses appear to be producing some of the best glass ever made. This team is worth watching, and buying as fits. :)

Not that you have time to discuss this with everything else going on but I'd be curious to know which cameras and lenses you still have in your collection and why you are keeping them. Of course this would make the used market jump up in price. Those Konica lenses and camera I bet are fantastic but I have even less discretionary money than I've had in the past. Good thing discretionary funds can't go negative!
I feel you on the international shipping. Such a royal pain. When will we be able to email hard goods? ;)

Aren't you at least a little bit curious what the Konica 50mm ƒ/2.4 and 35mm ƒ/2 look like on the NEX?

If I didn't have 20+ 50mm and a few 35mm lenses sitting here and a distinct absence of cash I'd be tempted.

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