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Monday, 04 March 2013


I haven't been excited about any camera since I sold my M9 years ago. There is just something about Leica M. I tried Fuji X-Pro1 but it just didn't do it for me although picture quality was excellent. I'm back to iPhoneography again.

I have to ask...does the TOP Style Guide require 77 to be spelled out?

Note that a Leica M lens cap costs $29.95. There's a conclusion in there, somewhere.

About time, Canon.

Paul (whose Canon FD lenses have Nikon lens caps, because, you know, lens hoods).

I'm sorry, but I'd like to correct that the Panasonic GH3 doesn't have any mirrors inside, thus it's not a single-lens *reflex* (SLR) camera. Starting from the G5 model, Panasonic calls their Micro 4/3 cameras 'DSLM' (digital single lens mirrorless).

Re: Canon's center-pinch caps
Hell hath frozen over. What's next? Morrissey and Marr reunite the Smiths?

Lens caps?

[They click on to the end of your lenses to protect the exposed element during storage and travel. --Mike]

The mirrorless GH3 is a SLR? You too, Mike?

Canon introduces its first center-pinch lens caps. Sigh.

Also noteworthy, for those who insist on monochrome imaging, Phase One has introduced its new IQ2 series of digital backs. In particular, the new IQ260 Achromatic features a 60mp monochrome sensor...for $45,000.

(BTW, Phase One / Mamiya lenses have long featured center-pinch front caps, in case you're worried.)

[I don't know, Ken, I think it's a toss-up as to which is more irrelevant to most photographers. [g] --Mike]

Oh No! Not the center pinch lens CAPS too! Drat! There goes the last significant advantage that Nikon held over Canon! Will the onslaught ever end! Dark daaaark days ahead for "Brand N"...

And yes, I kid..

Folks in Europe reported getting GH3s starting back in December although availability was initially spotty. Here in the U.S. the situation has been worse, with very few places able to get any stock and it usually sold out immediately.

I just checked the B&H link and if they did have some stock it appears to be sold out now. Amazon shows availability through an affiliate (Samy's camera) but not directly from Amazon. I don't think Panasonic is doing themselves any favors by having new cameras trickle out so slowly when first released. One of the reasons I think the OMD EM5 really took off was that there were actually decent stocks on hand when the thing released. With the GH3, potential buyers are going to have had quite a long time to settle for something else while waiting for the darn thing to be available.

Since the GH3 has grown in size rather a bit (compared to the GH1 & 2) I really want to lay hands on one before deciding if I'm going to stick with the GH line. Unfortunately it's tough to find one as the big box stores don't carry them and the only remaining camera store in my area doesn't have any in stock. I guess I can always pay ~$100 (rental + shipping) from LensRentals to see on in the flesh, but that makes the already steep (by Micro 4/3rds standards) price for the camera effectively that much higher...

At one time I thought center pinch superior. No longer. I find them just as hard to grasp.

As for the new Leica M, excuse my stupidity, but I remember they were coming out with a B&W only camera. Is this it?


[No, that's the M Monochrom. --Mike]

I can die now. New lens caps from Canon.

Oooh, centre pinch caps! My only objection to switching to Canon has now been erased!

More seriously, I should have replaced my lost Zeiss 43mm cap with one of these and saved myself $22!

The problem with lens caps is you can't make pictures with them.

Canon has introduced "center pinch" lenscaps

A bit late (as usual), but that's OK...

Panasonic m/43 users have always had this nice cap. For example, if you have the Panasonic-Leica DG Macro-Elmarit f/2.8 45mm Lens, and keep the hood attached, then this cap is quite nice indeed!


It's well-known that a lens sitting w/o a cap "leaks out" some of its resolving power, and then, has to "warm up" and "recover" after being attached to the camera.

Below: Keckiella breviflora (no warm-up time required!).


Center pinch means nose pinch; Only side pinch, i.e. ear pinchs are available before from Canon camp, you know.

I thought we refer it as M204. I know they want to have M to name it all from here onwards. Even apple try the New iPad but it would not work. If even the name cannot work, would the thing work.

Well, sour grape.

Does that mean that my discontinued old style Canon lens caps are now classic collector items?

You know, if you could do finance (at about 3.5% over 2 years) on that M, get it delivered in a week or two, and ship it to France ... I'd buy it from one of your sponsored links!

At the moment, I think it's back ordered until June-ish. And it's about 2000 dollars more than I can stretch to ... so it's going to be perhaps a M-E for me (as much as I hate to plonk down money for a 2.5 year old camera, I really do miss my rangefinder).


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