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Friday, 15 February 2013


I wish I could remember where I read the article, but there is one way to help with decisions. Apparently some slight(?) bit of urgency (i.e. - feeling the "need to go") is beneficial to making better decisions. Therefore, have a beer and wait a bit.

Don't move (without compelling reasons), but make decisions as if you were, and as if you actually need to decide what to pack and ship, and what you'd rather discard. My guess is that you'd end up selling the D800 and lots more, including the Miata (and not buying a replacement until you've had time to "settle in").

But, let's face it, you like the process of experimentation and buying, which is perfectly rational, so ultimately you'll just end up with different stuff to consider, and that's when you need another 'pretend' move.

Decisions about objects, though, are much easier (and more fun) than decisions about direction. I vote for fewer posts, with time to reflect on worthy subject matter. In so doing, you might end up simultaneously contemplating TOP's direction. I'd like to see the 'P' part of the TOP acronym drive more content (even though posts like this are fun).

"Will it improve...decisiveness? Organization skills? Will I suddenly be able to play the piano?"

Based on my own experience I would have to answer: Probably not. Definitely not. Absolutely without any shadow of a doubt not.

YMMV though. :)

BRZ! BRZ! BRZ! ;^)

Good vibes to you, Mike.

Sell the Miata, old cars suck up to much time. Once it's gone, you'll never think about it again.

If you are not using the D800, then it's serving no purpose, sell it.

Only fix plumbing and electrical stuff. Forget decor.

The variety of the posts is one of this site's appeals, no need to choose between longer/thoughtful and shorter/trivial. Anyway, it's not always true, sometimes short is wise and long is dumb.

Publish the book.

Man, it's so easy making decisions about someone else's life, isn't it?

Consider replacing the old Miata with a new Miata.

My 2012 model is everything the MG should have become rather than rolling over and dying when faced with U.S. emissions and safety regs in the mid-70s. It's a brand-new 50 year old car with the added advantage of today's technology.

Four cylinders, two seats, top down -- good for the psyche and maybe the soul.

"*I've left quite a few loose ends dangling in the past..."

...and...what the heck happened to your darkroom project?


Cheers! Jay

Somehow, I knew that you were ambivalent about the D800. It's obviously a great camera, but is it worth the price and the weight? In contrast, your love of the OM-D has always shone through. Far be it for any of your readers to tell you what camera to keep, but a good motto is: Use what you like, and like what you use.

I have zero good advice on the items you list. I do have mixed feelings about having two good "system" cameras, one large, one smallish. They both pull in opposite directions, and seem to cancel out the urge to take photos at all sometimes. That's what's happening to me at least. But don't consider that advice.

I wish you all the luck with your sleep.

Sell the Miata and the house and buy a Caterham R500 superlight. Use the left over money to pay the speeding tickets. Sell the d800 and buy a Gopro Hero HD. Mount the GoPro to the dash of the Caterham and make videos of yourself racing around the neighbourhood. Upload them to TOP so we can see how much fun you’re having and understand why you haven't found the time to post recently.

Regards, John

This is obviously indicative of a large 'to do' list. Make a new list of things that appear more than once and finalise those!

I am really curious about the "226 Books by Genre". Who is Genre and why did he/she write so many books, and about what ? :)


I am very optimistic your sleep will improve. My brother-in-law had the same diagnosis and his quality of life improved significantly after treatment.

I wish the same for you.

"Better to sit still, than stand up and fall over" - or something like that. Francis Bacon.

Makes me laugh...I'm in the process of both expanding my holdings and selling everything in my life...but which will win out? I'm still thinking about selling it all and traveling light, but then I always buy a new piece of equipment to expand my abilities. If I never take another picture for money, I would sell it all, including strobe equipment, and try to get through the rest of my life with a 120 twin-lens and available light, viva Vivian Maier! I even have a pal in his 50's that sold his car and is seeing if he can make it without one! Wish I lived somewhere was that was possible...

Glad to know it's not yet too late for 2013 "Resolutions." One of mine is not to comment unless I have really something to say or share. {g}

Looking forward to the 2XX Books by Genre. {vbg}

Please tie up the reader print sale loose end. I enjoyed the first installment and have been waiting for subsequent selections. It was a good idea.

Did you recommend "Looking at Ansel Adams: The Photographs and the Man" earlier on the blog? It came in the mail today, and it is a sweet book. If you recommended it, that's probably why I got it, so, thanks. If you didn't, then I'll recommend it to you.
Let me know if you decide to sell the Miata - I'm passively looking for one. If you get "Looking at Ansel Adams: The Photographs and the Man" and it sucks, you can add your purchase price to the asking price of the Miata. Win Win.

There are at least 10 Argus C3 "Bricks" at the bottom of that 1000 camera pile. Not gonna make the $35K back from those!

(Although my father used an Argus C3 to make hundreds of well exposed slides in the 40's and 50's. He did read the data sheet included with the film!)

I was wondering what had happened with that reader print sale. And the canon pro-1 review, too, actually.

Don't sell the Miata. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know, and besides, it's just a little Japanese car. Not much to go wrong. There is no car out there that is its equal.

"Sell the D800 while there's still time" I love this comment. In this day when cameras have become consumer electronics, the clock starts to tick even before you open the box. I sold my sole DSLR recently after about 3 years of use and the $100 I "lost" made me think of your comment way back when about how you really just "rent" good equipment. $100 for a nearly 3 year rental seemed more than fair. I promptly replaced it with a Leica M4-P and a 1957 Canon 50/1.4 ltm lens and a freezer full of film. I will do that for awhile until I either run out of film or something digital grabs my fancy. Am betting on the former.

Ok you get a thousand pieces. Even if you pay $10,000 + $2000 shipping not knowing what you are getting you would still need to get $54 per item on average to make it worthwhile.

Costs, purchase $12,000
Personal time 1 hour per item.(modest) pay yourself $20 per hour. includes testing, listing, packing and shipping. total $20,000

Ebay/Paypal/shipping fees per item say $12 x 1000 =$12000.

By my calcs you are in it time and labor for US $44.000 based on a lousy $12,000 purchase price before profits. Want to make a $10 per item profit? You need to average $54 per item. Go ahead pay more than this and see how much money you make. :)

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