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Friday, 18 January 2013


My poor credit card. My poor, poor, poor credit card.

I was fortunate to have taken a workshop with them, and they are an inspiring couple. Part of the workshop included reviewing many of their prints which was a joy to see. Would have a very hard time paring down to only 2 prints by each - looking forward to seeing your selections.

Please, for those not thoroughly familiar with the technical terms do explain "mounted and overmatted", if possible with (a link to) illustrations.

Hmmm... that would still be a lot of money for me but if I can come up with it, I think I will.

I do like your print sales. This sounds very nice.

@ Hendrik: The actual print is attached (adhered) to a backing board. A cut mat board is then hinged, via tape, to surround the face of the print.

I've been very fortunate to view hundreds of M&P's prints. This is quite an opportunity to acquire some of their work. I imagine you may sell the whole lot in less than 12 hours.

These prices are incredible. Paula and Michael's work is just exquisite when viewed up close and personal; thanks for the heads up on their upcoming offer.

Does Michael offer any information as to when the Bret Weston Portfolio series will resume? I've asked him and he responded that he would address the issue soon through an e-mail to subscribers. That was several months ago and I've heard nothing.

I'm in already. Just pack'em and ship'em.

... ah, a passepartout as we say (in Germany although the term is French). Thanks, Kenneth!
By the by, are there going to be any "seconds" to your "Olympus E-M5 First Notes (vs. NEX-7 and E-P3)"? Or were there, and I missed them?

Buying great art gets no better than this. Michael and Paula are true to the best ways and reasons to do great art. They do not compromise. I know of no other photographic artists so true to what they do, without artifice or gimmicks of any kind. I can not wait to see the choices! I took one of their workshops over ten years ago, and can say they are among the most helpful and genuinely wonderful artists I have ever met.

Ok, I'm sure this isn't going to be a popular comment. Am I the only one bothered by this? This is one of the issues I have with photography as a collector. They currently sell their work for 2000$-3000$ USD per print but these prints are now a tenth of that price. What about all the folks who purchased previous prints. By offering these prints at this reduced price they have just basically said hey thanks for the 1800-2300$ tip as our work is really only with this much now! If I were to own any of their work I would be contacting them for a refund! This is no different, IMHO, than having a limited edition which sells out then saying "well that went well so I'll just make some more even though the edition is sold out". One of the few things we can offer as Artists is our integrity. This is just wrong and hurtful to the rest of the photographic art community. Then we wonder why Photographers are not taken seriously in the Art community.

I agree that if they were selling pictures for $350 and $250 that they'd already sold to collectors for $3k or $2k, then you'd have a point--and a legitimate gripe. But they've never sold any of
these four pictures before. Surely you're not suggesting that all of the products of any given artist must be, should be, or even can be exactly equivalent in value. It's nearly certain that the value of these prints will never match that of their better known work; the market will always know that these prints were part of this large "populist" sale. The two won't be confused. But that doesn't mean people can't enjoy these for what they are.


The photo of Michael must have been taken with a wide angle, as there are interesting lens distortions going on: the skyscraper to his left behind him is leaning to the right, and the skyscraper on the right is bending in a curve towards Michael.

James, good points. But photography really is different. Oil paintings and watercolors are one of a kind in a way that perhaps only wet plate or the like are similar. The buying audience here is mostly photographers. Michael and Paula are giving fellow photographers an opportunity to acquire their work on a most generous basis. They are respecting their long time collectors by offering images not previously part of the market, then retiring them. As Mike said earlier, this is win, win, win. Nobody is being screwed. Makes me smile. Who is frowning?

Dear James,

Let me see if I have this right. You're saying that I, the artist, have to price all of my work exactly the same, all pieces, at all times and under all circumstances? Really?!?!

Not going to happen, not ever.

If you, as a collector, expect photographers to behave that way, you are going to live in constant disappointment.

I've sold, probably, 3000 prints at various discounts, highly limited in scope and time and circumstance. I have never, ever received a complaint from any of my "regular" buyers about this.

If someone, by happenstance, were to buy one of my prints at normal price and that exact same print were to go on sale within some reasonable time frame thereafter, I'd likely offer them either some money back or let them apply it to another print. This has happened exactly once. They decided to use it as a credit towards another work, so I actually made MORE money, and they thought it unusually kind of me to make them the offer. They didn't feel it was owed to them.

Perhaps my patrons are an unusually accommodating group and you are more typical of the norm. I certainly hope not.

Were anyone to ever write me demanding a refund on a completely unrelated work because I had the temerity to hold a sale on any of my works, they would receive an exceedingly polite reply whose unwritten subtext would be an exceedingly impolite suggestion as to where that demand might be placed by them.

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