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Saturday, 03 November 2012


Both difficult to define but the former is much harder to define than the latter.

Perhaps that's why so much discussion on the subject can be boiled down to value judgement. For me it's the stare factor, some quality that keeps my attention focused on the image.

It's not just that it's a stretch for most people to afford a D800E body but by all accounts your really need spectacular lenses to do it justice and that really really is likely to be the stretch that busts the elastic.

Mike, I have an 800e and would be glad to loan it to you if you lived next door... alas you don't. I can't comment on its B/W capability as I don't shoot much B/W and haven't yet tried it with the 800 (I will). But if you love B/W why not sell everything photographic you own and get the Leica Monochrom (whatever it's called) and a few choice lenses. I also have the M9 which I love for the simplicity, handling and image quality and all the B/W images I've seen from the Monochrom are truly beautiful. That sounds exactly like what you are looking for.

Ooooh, no, they don't. Great things is not what pays off. It's a market. What pay's off is something which is only as not-bad, as absolutelly necessary to be soldable. Same for food, music, movies, electronic gadgets, same for cameras, and same for photographs.

Bernard, you are taking a very narrow definition of the word 'payoff'. Payoff doesn't have to have anything to do with selling or money.

I 've just been having endless fun comparing camera sizes.
Thank you.

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