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Thursday, 22 November 2012


Happy Thanksgiving, Mike!

And to you too, Mike.

Have they asked The Archers if they can tear down the farmhouse. After all The Archers have lived at Brookfield for generations.

British joke:-


Who woulda thought there was a shortage of pine trees in Wisconsin? Last time I was there, there seemed to be plenty.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving yourself.

A pity the barn might go. There are a lot of decaying barns in this region too. A current project I have been creating is a book covering the history of the Renton Airport. Its significance is to supply the information that will keep the original control tower from being torn down. It was the first one there and was built to control the flyoffs of B-29 bombers. It is not a big structure and could be moved from its original location. The research has been tiring and frustrating. I wish the information would come in faster.

Have a nice thanksgiving with your family.

I notice that the City of Brookfield has lovingly maintained the peeling paint that farmers historically kept on their barns. Nice attention to detail. Couldn't resist.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Mike! I'm so happy to see your photos gracing TOP. For the many years I've been reading TOP, my only complaint has been "why doesn't Mike post more of his own photos?". This photo and your foggy street lamp are fantastic.

...a hell of strip malls, chain restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships and big box stores that goes on for miles.

I think the kids call that "generica." How sad that we've made a world where such a term is useful.

I think we import those same trees to Alaska if you can believe it. We buy one every year for the swim team fundraiser.

Good to see you out shooting with the new big camera. I just read the post by Roger Cicala over at lens rentals on the new Sigma 35 1.4. Sounds pretty nice...

"...a hell of strip malls, chain restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships and big box stores that goes on for miles."

Sounds like the perfect place to roam, D800 in wrist strap, a b&w photo essay.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

For those who don't know, Mike is a descendent of William Bradford (1590-1657) Pilgrim and Governor of the Plymouth Colony. Thanksgiving greetings from him carry a real historic echo!

Besides Mike, William Bradford had many descendants of interest:


We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in continental Europe, but still I wish you, your friends and family and all staff @ TOP a happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you Mike, and to all of your readers.

I have great memories of Bluemound Road, in 1956 My mom and dad were in nearby Milwaukee Christmas shopping at Schusters when we heard that a major snowstorm was coming and you better head for home (about 2 hours notice from the weather bureau). It was also the first time I had seen a color TV in the big department store. Anyway we headed back to Whitewater and as you might re-call, Bluemound had a lot of hills as it headed west out of Milwaukee. We were in a 1950 Kaiser and got stuck on one of those hills. Traffic had backed all the way up as people tried to get over those hills. We were stuck there for over 4 hours, and then a group of folks who were helping cars get moving came over to us and said "let's help this family get home, they have a long way to go." And help they did, after great effort we were finally on our way, we stopped in Waukesha and Dad bought chains for the rest of the drive home. I can still see the snow coming down and the only lights along that stretch of Bluemound was a big billboard that said "Shlitz Beer, the Beer that made Milwaukee famous." Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for your column.

A happy Thanksgiving to you, Xander, Ctein and the rest! I can't believe that you are now one of us i.e. a Nikon shooter. Welcome to the club! Now I have just one more thing to be thankful for.

Great story, Chappy, thanks! All us northerners can relate--I remember trying to make it from Chicago to Milwaukee, and turning back because it was so bad, only to find that the snowstorm was confined to a narrow band I had almost made it through. The weather was placid in Milwaukee, and I drove through the same snowstorm twice.


Breck brought up an interesting idea to me. A photoshop filter that could age buildings and add peeling paint. I wonder how well it would work on glass skyscrapers and gorgeous models with perfect makeup.

Isn't it funny how when you get a camera that just seems to fit you suddenly find pictures everywhere? Happy Thanksgiving and congrats again on your purchase. Getting a new camera (and lens) is one of the best feelings I know.

Thanks Mike. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Wisconsin importing Christmas tress? When I was young, our family's fishing cabin (built to shelter rural electrification workers in northeast Wisconsin before World War II) was surrounded by huge Christmas tree farms. I guess population growth and increased land use now necessitate importing trees.

And Chappy, let's make that "Schlitz" beer. Almost as good as Blatz and Chief Oshkosh.

Had I not known that today's shot was from the Dragoon, I would have guessed that it had originated in David Plowden's Hasselblad. Beautiful shot, Mike.

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