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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Speaking of the 75mm, lens rentals did an unplanned tear down. I don't suggest reading it if you are trying to save money :-)


Confess Panny is driving me to distraction with their rolling summer sale--sometimes the packages are so cheap it's equivalent to a free camera, with lens purchase. Sat on the sideline until today's pretty good deal on the 20/1.7 pancake. Will go well with the E-M5 breakfast platter.

The 75/1.8 looks to be a phenomenal lens. Am resisting the temptation to see what Oly might have up their sleeves WRT fast system zooms. The recent Lens Rental teardown article shows the build quality to be top-drawer.



You really must buy that 25mm f/1.4. It is so in tune with your values.

How about some of us long term readers chip in with say $20 each to get Mike the 25mm. Anyone else prepared to partake? [And Mike, don't be shy, make this a featured comment].

I recently bought a GH2 and I spent a lot of time comparing the 20mm f/1.7 and 25mm f/1.4 on the web. Although I prefer the 20mm FOV it was obvious that the 25mm was the better lens, the bokeh being so much more pleasant. I bought it locally instead of buying from B&H (out of stock for weeks).

The lens is incredible wide open, too many lenses are not so good at f/1.4. Also it's a joy to focus with the GH2, it's quick and ACCURATE, another thing that is always difficult to achieve with a DSLR at f/1.4. The dof live preview on the GH2 is also great, again on DSLR you cannot really see the real DOF at f/1.4, you're always stuck at f/2.8 unless you're using specialized focusing screens.

Personally I'm not strongly attracted to the new Oly 75mm, despite its quality. I just don't need an effective 150mm on my little m43 cameras often and when I do I can always use my Leica Summicron 75mm f2 (a -really- expensive lens!) with an adapter.

The m43 lens I am quite attracted to is the new Panasonic Vario 12-35mm f/2.8. This will provide a very useful effective focal range of 24 - 70mm at a constant maximum aperture, a first for m43 lenses. But at $1,299 it gives me cause to pause.

I picked up the 75mm a few days and been shooting a little with it. I've never shot a prime lens this long/fast so it's a new experience. Overall? It's fantastic. Incredibly sharp wide open all the way to f11. The build is fantastic. I really wish it was weather sealed. Now just to practice using it some more. This lens really completes my lens lineup for the time being. At some point I'll probably want some more zooms, but I'm content to sit back and see that Oly, Panasonic and others release over the next couple years.

Thank you, but you really shouldn't encourage me.



This is the first review of the lens:


I looked at the new lens at one of the on-line dealers. I found that it has a lens hood...for an extra $79.

I've found that the 45/1.8 pushes depth of field down to the point where my current normal shooting approaches to depth of field aren't adequate (with anything slower or shorter, I just have to focus somewhere on the body to get the eyes sharp enough; at 45mm f/1.8, that's no longer enough). The 75 is clearly going to be even more demanding that way. Which means I need an improved M43 body before I can buy the new lens :-).

My feelings exactly. I'd really like that 75mm, but it's gonna hafta wait. Tapped out for now from buying the EM-5 and its various lenses.

I've been thinking about the Panasonic 45-200 but the 45-175 is now almost the same price. Other than the powerzoon, is there any optical reason to prefer one over the other?

There's some nice pictures taken with the 75mm by Robin Wong here, here and here.

I'm still tempted by the 25mm but struggling to get my head round the fact that for almost the same price I could buy the Nikon 35mm AND a D5100.

Just bought that zoom... should be a great little travel lens, and my m43rds kit will STILL be lighter than a 5D series body. :)

I want that 75mm... but it's too far out of the impulse purchase range.

Like Ctein, I'm a longer-lens kind of person, but this one, while very cool, is a little odd. Too long for portraits, too short for birds. And way too expensive for occasional use.

Probably great for concert photography, but I don't do that any more.

Sadly, I'll have to pass, but if they come up with a 100 or 120/2.8,
my GAS will fire up again..

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