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Saturday, 09 June 2012


Maybe Mom looks better than her daughter becuase all her parts are where they belong? Cher looks like somebody tied her face up behind her head in a ponytail...

It's amazing what a good surgeon can do these days.

(I'm just sayin'.)

Well, I was hoping not to see this expression any more. But it's popped up again here, and in three other places recently, so I dug out my "banished words" notes and see that it made the list last year.

May it be buried and rest in peace. (list excerpt follows)


2011 List of Banished Words


"I'm just sayin'...'I'm not sayin'''…Actually, you ARE saying…A watered-down version of what I just said or intended to say….SAY what you are saying. DON'T SAY what you aren't saying." Julio Appling, Vancouver, Wash.

"Obviously you are saying it…you just said it!" Catherine Wilson, Granger, Ind.

"And we would never have known if you hadn't told us." Bob Forrest, Tempe, Ariz.

I might be thick - but I don't get it...

Mom is looking good indeed. And that's all.

And the mirror is even more visually interesting.

It looks like Madame Tussauds museum...

Thank you Mike, Strange how you can post a pleasant pic, make a positive comment about it and people find some satisfaction in making negative comments. WTF? (And no I don't have any Sonny and, or just Cher albums).

look in the mirror!
young lady with a point and shoot and it is doing the rounds. How many of the critics have been this "successful", even anon?

I like Cher. And we have a connection to her in our small city. Bridget Milligen used to be the clothing designer for Sonny and Cher back in the day, and now she designs and makes waterproof coats in a local shop up here in Juneau. We own several of her coats.


Richard Jones: please add "could care less" to your banned list, this witless Americanism (I'm just sayin') will eventually catch on over here but it irritates me almost as much as "I'm just sayin'".

As for Cher, she should have followed her Mum's lead, less is more so far as plastic surgery is concerned.

The unidentified "photographer" is in the photo.

A common mistake made by many who arn't "photographers"? or a Brilliant idea to get a photo of herself with Cher and her mother without asking for a cheesy snapshot

Dear me, Morticia Addams has let herself go.

"Mom is looking good indeed. And that's all."

Antonio C gets it.

"A valid reading must remain true to the text, its context, and what is revealed about its pretext and subtext." A.k.a deconstructing text.

I'm just sayin';)

@Ed: "Maybe Mom looks better than her daughter becuase all her parts are where they belong? Cher looks like somebody tied her face up behind her head in a ponytail..."

Does this mean that you don't think that Mom's fresh face is the product of cosmetic surgery? I would bet heavily against that proposition.

You have to hand it to Cher. She was the first pop diva who, through shameless self-promotion, achieved a level of celebrity far in excess of what her actual talent warranted. Madonna and others have her to thank for showing the way.


I think it's high time we started encouraging women to look their age by telling them how wonderful they look, naturally. Especially when they feel confident about it, and why the hell not?

At 52 I know various parts of my body have migrated to Florida and it will only get worse. I want a partner that reads books and does crosswords and has opinions about things that matter, not one that hates herself.

Women - liberate yourselves and worry about your minds not your bodies. Age is an attitude of mind and beauty is the twinkle in your eye and the warmth of your laughter, not the firmness of your body parts. Grey hair and wrinkles are just part of a story that got past the first few chapters to the point where it just got interesting.

They look like well preserved mummies.

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