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Friday, 04 May 2012


You are in a bit of a giddy mood today, aren't you?

So perhaps today is a good day to ask you know how you got banned from that photo website.


Yeah. It can't have been for being partisan.

Dear Eolake,

Unless that word means something different on the other side of the Big Puddle, my comment's rather vehemently anti-partisan (save for the last sentence). It's describing the historical reasons why the partisan labels that people are trying to slap on that column are rather silly.

Which is not to say I see anything at all wrong with being partisan. When writing a column of opinion, which I often do, I rather think it's a GOOD thing.

In the mainstream US press, when I see someone accused of being "partisan" all that usually means is that the accuser disagrees with what the accused said. It's an attempt to objectify a difference of position or opinion, when no such objective basis exists, an insinuation that the accuser is fair and balanced while the accused is biased.

pax / Ctein

I wondered if the "partisan" comment may have referred not to Ctein's comments, but to the other comment (Lubo's) regarding certain online forums, and the reasons behind Mike's... release from the obligation to continue participating there (grin).

And I have gone there from curiosity, and sampled the last exchanges listed... acknowledging that when a ban is granted (sorry, suffered) certain postings may get pruned away, and so would no longer show.

And the offense seems likely to have been, that our 'steamed Mike called some people outright on some illogical arguments, and then would not take fluff for an excuse.

WELL. He should have been strung up from the nearest streetlight, not just banned. Shocking behaviour. What are we, if not a jumble of accidentally assembled received assumptions, anyway? How do we fight off a reasoned attack - with more reason? That's some hard work, right there, and everyone knows you can't argue from an illogical starting point anyway. There's no point. So screw reason and all its high-and-mighty friends.

Where'd I put that pitchfork? To the castle!

Dear Richard,

Sigh, upon rereading, I think you're right. Eolake's comment makes much more sense as a response to Lubo than to me.

Confusing crosstalk ensued. Sorry, Eolake!

pax / Ctein

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