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Saturday, 05 May 2012


You should absolutely get the kit. What good is a weather-sealed camera without a sealed lens?

A close focusing lens will make it easier to take product photography and sell stuff for higher prices on eBay.

Mike, my OMD arrived and with battery charged, I'm walking the Chicago streets and lakeshore using the 12-50 kit and so far I must say its a joy to use. If the images are anything like what I'm seeing on the display is any indication, it's worth getting the kit. Shooting from the waist ala Rollie is great as is the EVF. Even had a few opportunities to try the Macro mode of this lens. Worse case I think you could sell the lens for 300.00 which is 200.00 less than retail and out meet the body only price .....

Get the kit. I'll buy the 12-50 from you.

You may not be able to snatch the cigar but perhaps his mobile phone would extract a similar expression?

Buy the OM-D, Mike... you know you want it. :)

This might be of interest to some readers...

"I'll [take] another"

I'm no fan of slow zoom lenses (nor of fast ones), but the weatherproof 12-50 on the weatherproof OM-D would be a handy foul weather kit. Even a bit of salt spray is ok if you can rinse the camera afterwards. Foul weather often gives great photo opportunities.

Make mental note: "Don't follow any of Mike's horse-racing tips!" :)

"Make mental note: "Don't follow any of Mike's horse-racing tips!" :)"

Hey, I did say I don't know anything. At least I didn't tell you to bet on Union Rags!

Gemologist broke well, and was in a great position. I guess he just didn't like the heat or something--he had nothing around the final turn and down the stretch.

His owner said, "He just didn't show up."

Too bad for Bodemeister...the race just went on a little too long for him. The downfall of many a Derby contender, that extra bit of length.

Oh well, at least it was first-timers who won the big prize.


Two minutes? What generous relatives one has these days.

Camera Purchase...
Have you ever noticed
Mike that commentators
are suggesting you using
"your" money to purchase?

Now what if they
allowed you to use
"their" money to allow
you to purchase the
photographic items
you wish to purchase?

Just an odd thought
on my part.


Don't say you "lied". Since you mention Winston Churchill, he called it "terminological inexactitude". You see.......that is permissible in the British parliament.
He also said, "there are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true".

Arie V

I love my OM-D, but I'm not sure I did the right thing selling my G-3 to get it.

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