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Wednesday, 07 March 2012


I'm usually interested, often curious but then almost always dismissive. Mainly because I can't afford and don't need.
Fortunately the "perfect" camera doesn't exist which makes the dismissing easier.

A very accurate personal observation, look at Nobel laurent Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow" for some scientific documentation!

Too much analysis spoils the joy of profligate camera shopping. Profligate = the real "pro" in camera buying.

What I also find interesting is how these same people know EXACTLY how great the camera is or is not, that it will shoot black cats in a coal mine with only a candle with no noise hand held, ad nauseam, ad nauseam; long before the camera is actually avaialble (except for a very few reviewers) and without ever owning or using one!

Reminds me of The Trouble with Binary Thinking by John Michael Greer. You might like his blog, like yourself (and Ctein?) he has an impressive beard.

I think that the switch should have a middle position - "dreaming". And don't underestimate the amount of time people can spend dreaming - from reading online, considering what they can sell to raise funds, trying it out in the shop ... but in reality they have two old 35mm film cameras, a 5 year old dslr that they don't really like, and they take most of their pictures on the phone. Hmm, I suppose I have just described the dismissers ...

Humans is very predictable, except when they ain't.

Now that my "business" is much more of a "hobby" it's getting pretty hard to justify $3500 cameras. I bought a T3i recently and it's pretty amazing what it can do. Definitely not as viscerally pleasing as my old 5D but way more capable.

Regardless of what my lizard brain thinks, it's not about the camera.

It might be about the tripod though...

It's rewarding to read your posts, Mike, and learn a new word or two. I will use them with great probity.

What on earth do you mean by "probitous"?

"What on earth do you mean by 'probitous'?"

Ha! Did I just make up another word? Back-formation from "probity."

I used to invent words all the time as a kid. I just figured they probably existed because they made sense etymologically. It drove some of my high school teachers crazy. One history teacher who was particularly irked by the tendency once circled the word "relevant" and wrote "Not a real word!" next to it...I never let him live that one down. :-D


Dear Mike,

Hmmm, I'd have bet "probitous" was a word, but the Complete OED says, "No."

My favorite book in the universe. If forced to be marooned on a desert island with only one book, it'd be a fight between the Collected Shakespeare and the COED. The COED'd probably win, 'cause I've read most of the Shakespeare.

pax / Ctein

^Stuck on an island with a coed ... sure, why not. [/tipyourwaitress]

Since going digital, I've felt whenever a new product splash was on sure there'll be some noise to hear with the signal, but yeah, let's internet daydream. But this upgrade season the vitriol surrounding e.g., the Canon 5D Mk. III's "miss" (really?) completely, for me, drowned out any urge to imagine what new/better features might add another keeper or three to the monthly tally.

No matter, I guess it's a bit of an internet-forum graduation for me. I pre-ordered the camera and thought, "think of the time I'll now save NOT 'researching' yet another camera choice."

Sadly, I think my brain is stuck on 'Consider' and my wallet is stuck on 'Dismiss'. The two do not get on...

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