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Sunday, 05 February 2012


You do realize that you could have made this post relevant by inviting your readers to submit sideline Nikon/Canon/Sony/Hassleblad/Holga/iPhone camera counts, don't you.

So, how 'bout them [$SPORTS_TEAM]?

"OMG! Did you see that quarterback take out the Holga photog? SCORE!"
*Touchdown dance*
*Spikes the Holga*

And I promise not to mention that you are not René Magritte.

The best thing about the Superbowl is that evening we can walk into any restrurant in town and get immediate seating without a reservation.

Enjoy the game Mike. It has to be better than yesterday's Calcutta Cup. And, by the way, Scotland wuz robbed!

Keep the off topic posts comin...

Personally, I could care less about what my brother-in-law used to call the Stupor Bowl, but I do care about off-topic posts. I like 'em, and, for me at least, their frequency is just about right.

This isn't a comment. [g]

It's always good to monitor reader reactions, but don't pay too much mind to the OT blowback. Last week was a weird artifact, what with you having to pull two photo-related columns and then going down for three days while you upgraded software. There was very little content to feed readers' Joneses, and that makes'em cranky. But if you look at what's on the main page, eight of the ten substantive (nonprocedural) columns were on topic. Give it another week and people will have completely forgotten about the past week.

IOW, chill out, bro.

pax / cool Ctein (sippin a cup'o'oolong)

How about a photo illustration for this post? A quick Bing search brought up this likely candidate: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4113/4986109148_1ca880c4ba_z.jpg

BTW, I like to refer to the game played today as American Football, and that similar sounding named game played throughout the rest of the world (with the no-hands and the hexagonal patchwork ball) I refer to as Un-American Football.

I love the international makeup of the TOP crowd. I do wish there were some way to know when someone posting was not a native English speaker, so I would know to factor more thought into what may be limited facility with the language (as opposed to natural English speakers who make no sense, and no amount of extra cipherin' on my part will reveal anything).

Go team!


This isn't a Comment ...

As long as you did NOT mean Merkin.

This isn't a comment.

Round two of the reader print offer is exactly what we need. Are you up to it? Although It was a lot of fun out here in reader land, it did seem to get a bit dicey last time.

An iPhone/smart contest might be fun as well.

I think I feel some of your pain. I became a Lion user yesterday when I got a new iMac to replace my 6-year old iMac. Time Capsule made the migration a breeze, but I can't make its auto back-up understand that it's not really a new data set that is overloading the Time Capsule's 1TB limit. Wish I knew more about how this stuff works.
Oh yeah -- we'll switch to Downton Abbey in the middle of the Super Bowl.

In the world of the game played by real men (no helmets or body armour), Ireland wuz robbed today too ... that was never a penalty :(

I do think it's time for the second part of the TPS... is that little note there a signal to go ahead and send JPGs?

Round Two... does that mean you're ready for our submittals?

Just as well it is not called "Merka" or you'd all be Merkins.

Murkins - People who live in Murka. Over here in the Yoo-Kay we often use an alternative spelling for comedy effect:


One of Peter Sellers' multiple parts in Dr. Strangelove was President Merkin Muffley.

I like your off-topic posts

The coffee and tea are better for my bank account... AH - thats your plan... helping me save for that toyota/subaru thing that can't take photos.

Count me among the Niners fans who WISH we'd drafted Aaron Rodgers...

Mike, yer the best.
Don't know about Merkins, but it IS STUPOR BOWL. As far as off-topic goes, I have so much fun reading TOP that a couple of days ago I did wonder what TOP stood for. Oh yeah, so I really do value it for that.
I had almost forgot.

I just hope the Super Bowl isn't won or lost by a goal-kick that went "off-post"....
I prefer rugby myself.

This is a comment.

I was honestly confused why this would be such a big day for merkins. Was there a strange new trend in the locker rooms of American football? It took Google to sort out my homophonetic confusion.

I like my Airport Extreme. But the latest Airport utility software is dumb. Wish I hadn't taken upgrade. I need to call Apple and ask how to go back one version.

Please, more off topic posts. It is what makes your blog interesting, and, excuse the pun, gives it colour.

Exposé has been renamed to Mission Control, and they might have moved the UI cheese a bit too.

And my Pats lose on a last second TD again with the defense not being able to hold up. I've see that game before.

Funny, as good as this Super Bowl was, I much preferred last year's game.

I agree Jack. This was a wonderful game, but somehow my sense of involvement was much higher last year. [g]

I suppose I could see how people from New York (or others with the surname "Manning") might feel differently....


I still think the half time show is infinitely more interesting than the game. Then again I come from a land where football is played with your feet.

Exposé has been split up between mission control and app exposé. Mission control will show the different applications you have open across desktops. if you have multiple windows open from a single app, they will be stacked together. In system preferences under trackpad, you can enable app exposé. This will show you all of the open windows of a particular app. I usually use "cmd~" to cycle through the different windows of an open app.

BTW, for the person that doesn't like the new airport assistant software, you can still download the older version and run both on your Mac. I don't have the link, but they still have it as the old one has some features needed for large networks that have been dropped from the new update.

Actually, at least in the UK, you lot ARE called Merkins quite often.

Here it is, 11 hours or so after the Super Bowl started and I am just getting ready to watch the rebroadcast after already knowing who won. It's always this way for me in Tokyo.

Wish I could get excited about that other "football"----the one played with feet and heads---which seems to be a much tougher sport. Men run in shorts and no protective gear, and hit with such tremendous force that even the slightest touch causes players to fall and writhe with what seems to be a severe, life threatening injury, but 15 seconds later (after the ref ignores them) jump up like nothing happened.

Alas, I am condemned to a rerun and don't even get to see the US commercials. I used to think not seeing commercials was a good thing...

Rest assured Mike, I could see the Superbowl on BBC, on RTL (in German and in Dutch) but rest assured also......I was sleeping....

Greetings, Ed

You might be interested in the comics version of last night's contest:

(Scroll down past the enormous coffee-ninja banner.)

Separated at birth? Both of our blogs down at the same time. The reason? Upgrading to Lion. Sorry to hear you had problems. I pushed a button, walked away for coffee and came back to a smooth running system. But then I had a whole squadron of techies standing by just in case...keeps them off the streets. (teenage computer wizzi).

Ah...the Americans do like their game of "Hand-Egg."

I'd watched a few Superbowls while living in the UK, "American Football" having a niche following there and being televised in the wee small hours on one of the wee small networks.

But that doesn't prepare you for the real spectacle, which is of course the commercials. They don't survive the trip across the pond for obvious reasons.

It also doesn't prepare you for how important college football is to the national psyche. By comparison I went all through university neither knowing nor caring what sports teams we had, and if I *had* known and made a big deal of them, people would have looked at me like I had two heads.

The coverage given to high school football befuddled me even more when I moved here...

Rory and Ben, thanks for reminding me that I need to remember next weekend's France v Ireland rugby match, and thank you BBC America for televising at least some of the Six Nations! From their website: "...rugby is the bare-knuckle backstreet brawl to football’s million dollar Vegas boxing bout."

Well, as an European I would like to point out that this game of yours isn't football either. Anyone who has ever seen a real football game will know that this is nothing of the sort, more like rugby.
Please stop misusing the name of the most popular sport in the (known) universe.

"Please stop misusing the name of the most popular sport in the (known) universe."

I assume you mean Un-American Football?


That's the one :-)
Well I wouldn't call it Un-American Football as it is called by that same name all over the Americas as well, except in this minor enclave in the northern part of the continent.

Thanks by the way - for your ever interesting articles.

Can you explain how the winners of the Lombardi trophy are the "World Champions"?

Other than a few exhibition games played elsewhere, it seems to be confined to teams within the borders of Murka. Teams that belong to the National league...


"Un-American football"

that's fighting talk....

However, I don't think that in the USA you'd have the sort of controversy we're having about what are known as "tip-tackles" in rugby. That's where a player tackles a member of the opposition, raises his hips above his head, and "spears" his his head/neck down into the ground. That sort of seems par for American football, but is a big no-no in rugby, players being without helmets and neck protection etc. Also the rule is tremendously complicated, and the referee's discretion seems to range from ignoring it to a full-on multi-match ban.

Also, per other commenters above. No Scotland were not robbed. Mike of course will know that as I sent him the link for all of the England matches in this year's 6 Nations, in agreement for a mutual exchange of support between us for the English and Green Bay Packers' teams. So I have no doubt he was glued to the England / Scotland match.

I've always been amused by an activity called "football" where players who are supposed to touch the ball with their feet are regarded as having specialist skills. As for the "World Series", when was the last time a European team qualified?

I wonder if Brazilians or Argentinians share your point of view on what is "American" and "Un-American" football.

"He was graceful and modest except for another dig at the 49ers (he's still resentful that they drafted Alex Smith instead of him)."

So are they (the 49ers). That said, it's amazing how much better Smith is now that they have an actual coach.


Um. I must be sort of weird, because I "measure" posts not by topic but by how interesting they are. By that yardstick, I've yet to be disappointed. But, hey, whatever.

I am so lazy sometimes, though i have been reading your blog for sometime now I have not made a comment til now, just wanted to say im loving it!

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