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Thursday, 16 February 2012


Born 1982.
Prefer 1965 (at least for this particular picture).

1940: Demure
1965: Pensive
1987: Confident
2001: Armageddon
2012: Manic

Born: 1977
Prefer: 1940

It's the same image. Look at the shadows, etc. You really think you could capture that on different days?

Taken with GF-1, 20mm 1.7 lens. All is in the exif.
Date Time Digitized: 2011:08:10 18:24:39

1940 then 1987… both have the widest range of tonality to my eye

I would, definitely, vote for the 1940 version.

Every image is an interpretation. The color original isn't real. It's a camera generated interpretation. And, ignoring dogmatists, except for the rare few who have total color blindness, no one sees the world in black and white. There is no "real".

Reality is for people who lack imagination. Why not just show the world as it ought to be?

"There is no 'real'."

But there is realer.


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