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Sunday, 15 January 2012


There was a serious discussion in The Guardian recently about piped music in restaurants recently. Eaters seemed to like it when the restaurant was pretty empty, and there were comments from consultants who are paid to provide selections of music that will supposedly enhance the restaurant experience. Ahem.

We once walked out of a lunch place that was totally devoid of guests, because they refused to turn off the music, as 'the staff like it".

I work in a retail chain and a few days ago, one of my work colleagues and I stopped dead in our tracks - completely stunned and aghast at the song being played on the store PA system.

It was a muzak version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song".

Sweet Jesus ! Bob must be turning in his grave...

Oh how I wish I'd seen this post on Sunday. I could not agree more. As a resident of New York City I have "music" inflicted on me daily as I ride the subways. Some of the time I can tune it out; other times I want to assault the people blasting it. And this is through their headphones! They're ruining their hearing, and they don't even care. Technically, NYC has laws on the books about how people around you in a public place shouldn't be able to hear your personal music, but they aren't really enforced.

I agree about the gym - I mostly go in the very early morning when it's uncrowded, and yet the disco-ish spin music is turned up to deafening levels for the very few of us there. And all of us have iPods and listen to our own music (sigh), turned up to even more deafening levels to drown it out. I've asked the staff to turn it down, and they claim it is programmed at HQ, and they don't have access to it. Calls and emails to HQ went unanswered.

I'd love to just work out in peace and quiet, the ringing of barbells and grunts aside.

Of course 6am is when they vacuum the floors every day too, so even if they turned the music down...

I understand completely what you're saying here... I can't handle music that doesn't match my tastes at all.

But... I actually have all of my car radio station presets set to AM conservative talk radio; the complete opposite of my political views. I almost thrive on it. Their ideas are so counter to what my own are that it almost becomes comical to me. I understand that's not "inflicted" except onto myself, but whatever, I still love listening to it for some reason.

Unfortunately bad elevator music versions of great songs do not elicit the same response out of me. Oh well.

Actually, I prefer the music sometimes to listening to other people talk about their problems in waiting rooms, and I recently appealed to the landlord of a newly refurbished pub to put some very quiet music in just to take the silence off the room - otherwise you're constantly listening in to other people's conversations.

Mike, once again you've published exactly what I've been thinking. I have strong opinions about music. I have nightmares about what will happen when the baby boomers are all in nursing homes. Air Supply makes me wretch, and Lady Gaga is worse!

I am of the generation that should like Air Supply, but I much prefer popular music made before 1970 or so.

Well I guess I don't have to spend the wekened figuring this one out!

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