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Wednesday, 02 November 2011


Ha! I gather that that's the family that loaned the other headdress? I was just in that gallery yesterday.

Yes, they bussed 52 of us from Milwaukee to Chicago for a presentation by the curator and a private reception afterward in the Millennium Park Room. It was a wonderful day. I'm late getting the pictures posted online, but I've been swamped with stuff to do lately....


this recalls some unintentional goofs. most prominently to my mind is the photo of Kent State shootings, and the lady kneeling on the pavement... with a stake driven through her head — though just a compositional fluke, of course. I read elsewhere that the photographer then removed it for some printings. fortunately, there is no need to remove these fine examples :)

Decisive moments.

(s/a) Now Mike, I am normally not one to criticize another photographer's technique but every book I've read on photography composition suggests that we should always avoid tangents. I guess tangents cause the risk of confusing the audience of the photograph.

Apparently what happens when rendering a three dimensional scene into two dimensions is that front-to-back distance can appear to be compressed causing objects in-front-of or behind other objects to appear to merge.

I can see this happening in both of your example photographs here. Perhaps you just didn't notice?

Nothing the matter with a bit of Goof every now and then. After all, some artists have made a career out of it Mike.

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