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Saturday, 26 November 2011


And then you can record something like this.

Or something like this.

you're outdated - meanwhile there's the gopro hd hero2 which shoots 1080p, too...

Here's some relevant info for those considering this deal. It compares version 1 with version 2 of the GoPro Hero with regards to "sharpness", noise, and how they deal with contrast


I've had a still camera lashed to the back of a motorcycle. It took a picture every 15 seconds and I just chose the best ones. focus and exposure were fixed, and though the shutter was set to a 500th of a sec, shake reduction didn't always succeed. Fair enough, the vibration an old Japanese four gives off isn't quite what the camera designers had in mind. Rubber mounting next time.

I couldn't even see the camera, let alone know when it was taking a shot, but some of the photos were quite well composed. If you click on my name below then on 'sets', you'll see them.

Eric Kim of the Eric Kim Street Photography Blog( http://erickimphotography.com/blog/ ) uses a GoPro HD attached to different cameras when he shoots street photography. Here is a pretty neat video from his series showcasing that http://youtu.be/-VmAbMO5NBI

battery bulit-in warmer ... why this idea not widely used? Instead you warm up using your body heat and exchange battery ...

Jim, you can easily make it appear more dramatic by using the slow-motion capabilities of that camera.

Eh and now a Panasonic Shaver.....could Amazon have noticed I didn't shave today due to a not to nice head-crash......turning my main partition into a heap of rubble. Well after fighting back a bit i'm up and running again. I knew it was a good idea not to store pictures on the same drive as my system.....

Greetings, Ed

So only my email adresses are all lost but hey, that list will regenerate itself soon enough.

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