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Monday, 03 October 2011


FYI, if you already have Lightroom, the upgrade is $10 cheaper through B&H.

It's a 24 hour sale, beginning on the 3rd, and so ends tonight.

Seems like a very good deal, but does it mean LR4 is far behind? Didn't they just come out with 3.5?

my bad. just looked at the email. It was sent to me at 1:14 in the afternoon EDT.

It states on the email "Limit 1 purchase per customer: offer expires 10/04/2011 at 11:59 am, or one minute before high noon tomorrow, Eastern Daylight Time.

Thank Mike. Just lodged my order through your link, and added some rolls of HP5. I'm still on version 1.4, so this is timely. :)

Thanks. I added that to the post.


Dear Mark,

My understanding from talking to Adobe PR is that the move to integral and half-integral releases is to produce a regular annual upgrade (translation: moolah in Adobe's pocket) while giving the code monkeys two years between major releases instead of the previous 1.5 year cycle.

I may have gotten this wrong, so don't take it as gospel. Assuming I haven't, then Lightroom 4.0 would be middle of next year.

pax / Ctein

Thanks Mike, I tried through your site and it was no longer available at 11:30 EST. I had to suffer their phone tree but did order it at the sale price.


I have successfully waited out this opportunity :-)

All 3.5 does is update the number of cameras and their associated raw files that it recognises. I don't think there's anything to be read into the number, after all, it updates version 3.4.

Inclined to agree with those who have commented that LR4 can't be too far away if they are discounting v3.

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