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Monday, 12 September 2011


I am not a tennis buff but I did watch some of the tennis matches this weekend. Tennis is a fast game that can keep you on your toes.

Thanks for the heads up. I saw him beat Nadal last time, but completely missed the Federer match :( That's what I get for being only a fan in passing; love it when I see a good match, but don't regularly pay attention. Haven't really done that since the Laver days.

Interesting that Borg isn't in this esteemed group*; I still can't forget his epic match with McEnroe. And speaking of McEnroe, it's a shame what's happened to the men's American tennis scene. McEnroe and others are trying to change this.

* I just looked up his stats and found he's one of only 4 to win Wimbledon and the French Open in the same year, and the only to have done this in 3 consecutive years.

Incidentally, it's more or less pronounced Jock-oh-vitch. No diphthongs in Serbian.

Sport eh? Takes a lot of dedication and single mindedness. We admire such obsession in people it seems, unless of course we have to sit opposite them over dinner.....

In many ways I preferred the old days when most sports were amateur affairs. Someone would go to the track on Saturday, win a gold medal and buy the boys in the pub a celebratory pint before heading home to the family and back to the day job on Monday.

Thanks Erlik. I made the change.


www.USOpen.org. Watch it live. Hurry, it's already started!

Sorry to hear about your bandwidth issue. I'm sitting here at home in economically depressed Latvia watching it right now on an optical, 100mbs connection that costs less than $30 a month. What the hell, America....

On TV the announcers pronounce his name with a long O.

And, by the way, he won today's match!

It came on live at 4am in HK. We couldn't bring ourselves to get up but 3 hours later when we woke up the match was still going and in the third set. Wonderful match.

Funny I started to lose interest in Tennis when I began to be deeply involved in photography. But it's still visually my favorite sport.

Don't feel bad about it not being broadcast. The World Championship of Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Women's freestyle wrestling is being held in Istanbul, Turkey. The US has a few wrestlers with a solid chance to medal. We don't get it on regular TV either.

Sadly, the peak of my tennis interest is each year in about the second round of Wimbledon when the last Brit crashes out (I think Henman went further than the second round, but you get my point). Once Murray repents his anti-Englishness then he may get my interest (for anyone not in the UK, his interviews on the BBC are instructive. He really hates England, and is not shy of saying so. So I'm really not shy of wanting him to fail). At the moment I am delighted when he is beaten, as he should be. Until then, I fully support Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Tsongas or whoever else is playing him.

Not on CBS! Even in Vanuatu we saw it live, courtesy Australian Foxsport.

I also caught the match online, but only the first two sets. Nadal played some truly impressive defense, but Djokovich ran him all over the court, played better returns, and was the dominant server. Some games were nail-biters. I can't wait to go through the sports photos in the morning.

Well crap, I missed the final. Really wanted to see it after Jokovitch's amazing comeback against Federer. But there is something about the US Open, perhaps it's the start of autumn while I associate tennis with spring, that make me always miss most matches while I always intend to watch them. It's an impossible tournament for me.

"Down two sets and facing two match points..."

Nitpick: he faced match point in the fifth set, by which time he was no longer two sets down.

Mike... if you want to hate CBS, that's fine with me. As a former CBS News producer, I have plenty of my own issues with the company. But don't hate CBS because the match wasn't aired in your market. Hate your local affiliate, which to the best of my knowledge is not a CBS owned and operated station. If I were you, I'd call the station, ask to speak to the general manager and express my displeasure.

The dynamics at the top of the tennis world are pretty interesting. Federer (#3) can't defeat Nadal (#2) but he beats Djokovic (#1) (at the French Open and came tantalizingly close at the U.S. Open). Nadal can't beat Djokovic but he owns Federer. The Federer/ Djokovic semi-final match pretty much ordained who the championship would fall to. If Federer had won his semi-final match with Djokovic the championship would have went to Nadal. Since Djokovic did indeed win the semi-final against Federer, he won the championship too.

Tennis - a sport with a great scoring system that guarantees tension all the way through the game (unlike basketball, which I remember you ranting about some time ago...)

I spent about 180 hours onsite at the US Open this year so I guess I don't not follow tennis like everyone else.

Good to see interest in Djoker's extraordinary season.

I enjoy tennis (both watching and playing), and this US Open was amazing. The women's final was also very entertaining.

As John Flores mentioned, the main US Open website had all the matches available for free live streaming in the US.

The situation at the top of men's tennis right now is very interesting: Nadal has no answers for Djokovic's game. No weakness to expose. Meanwhile, neither Federer nor Murray seem to be able to beat Nadal (except for Federer on the fastest of courts), yet Federer and Murray seem to be the only ones capable of threatening Djokovic. Thus it isn't just a matter of who's best but also of how their games match up, and the draw becomes very important.

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