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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I love my iPhone 4 camera! One of the great things is how you can press it up against glass to capture interior spaces - all without a hint of distortion :)
Here's a cover story I did for the paper I work for that was shot entirely on my iPhone...

You still can't get something as good as, say, a Canon S95 (minus the optical zoom, perhaps) embedded in a...device yet. One wonders if this is the result of some deliberate restraint.

Some of these photos have a unique quality in them. In time we will wax nostalgic on iPhone photos as we do now on Polaroids

Hi Mike,

You might be interested in this link; http://www.pixiq.com/article/amazing-iphone-photos

Goes to show it's the vision rather than the equipment. Stand-out pictures to me are those by; Bananajode(1st of their entries)and Jonas.

Probably an earlier version of the iphone, but still valid, I reckon.

I liked this quote from Tyler Olson "...I think taking the picture through an iPhone is a great break from the DSLR and 21MP. Perhaps that same refreshing feeling that comes from camping instead of sleeping in a proper bed at home :)".

best wishes phil

Now if they could just make the device a wee bit larger so my massive hands
and fingers could hit an icon without
splattering and striking three icons.

Then again the purchase price here in Ontario Canada is just frigging stupid if and when. $600.00 plus and a three contract for a bloody portable telephone?

No phone is worth that especially at a high user fee cost.

Ah, the privilege of being Canadian!

A bit late, considering the imminent release of the iPhone 5.

To paraphrase a successful political slogan of the ancient world "It's the Apps stupid"

If one of the camera makers were to encourage developers to write apps for their cameras , they would have a huge leg up on the competition. There is a thriving project to reverse engineer Canon cameras with CHDK and Sony could easily open their high end cameras up, most of them seem to be running Linux already. You can get the source code , but not the tool chain to compile it ( which is probably in violation of the GPL ) They are nothing like what Apple lets developers do however.

Similarly, I just posted my first ever camera review... Which is actually for a camera app on Android.

Wait, the most popular camera in the world can also be used as a phone? I thought the only App it had was instagram.

I've been banging on about the iPhone ever since i had one. it gives me a different perspective to my DSLR and also allows me to post instant edited (in a different way) photographs in a "live gallery" situation.

Timely article (!). Finally broke down and ordered an iPhone 4 and it came today, but no one was home to accept it so I pick it up at the courier depot tomorrow. At the fire-sale prices and plans my local cell carrier has right now, it was a no brainer to get one. Really looking forward to taking some pics and playing around with some app's like the mentioned Hipstamatic, amongst other iPhone goodies.


But have you seen this: http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/iphone-slr-mount/ ?

It's the camera I almost always have with me.
I don't carry my S90 as much as I should and my DSLR even less, so why am I trying to decide between ebay listings of Mamiya 645, Hasselblad 5XX etc?? I still haven't had my Rolleiflex serviced and theres a few ore of them and the c330 on sale.

Holy moly!

Can we say "Johnny Come lately?"

OK, that is just terrifyingly good.

pax / impressed Ctein

Good on them. It's bringing photography to the masses in the same way the Box Brownie did last century. Wealthy large format photographers probably sneered at the Brownie back then too.

And you re-published it. Sorry, just crabby.

Wait till you try autostitch.Take eight or nine photos,the app stitches and crops them.Fun inside or out.

I used to worry about not "always having a camera with me"; the DSLR is too big to carry around. With the iPhone I do indeed have one.

There's tons of photographing apps for smart phones. And most of them I've seen boil down to what Olympus calls Art Filters.

BTW, smart phones can be very useful accessory tools for photographing. I did two lists - one for iPhone, one for Android - here in Croatia: GPS logs and maps; geotagging; shooting "caddies" with exposure calculators, hyperfocal calculators etc; sun position and location "simulators"; there's even a darkroom calculator for Android.

I love my new Samsung camera, and have shot a boatload more photos since getting it. I understand I can also call people with it, but I haven't really needed that functionality yet. I don't know why camera makers always have to gild the lily with the extra features.

Two things:
Steve E Miller, the article/slideshow you linked to is in Flash, and not viewable on an iphone.

Even non-iphone owners might be interested in The Photographer's Ephemeris which runs on Windows, Mac, and i-devices. It combines a google maps view with sunrise/set angles with elevation taken into account. Free for everything but the i-app.

I don't understand paying the money we do for (real) cameras with creative flexibility and photo quality and then leaving them at home in lieu of an iphone. I will happily take those bulky, inconvenient and very expensive cameras off your hands for you, I will even pay the shipping and handling. So box up your DSLRs and high quality point and shoots and rid yourself of all that excess!

"...the most compelling photography in history." Really?

Regarding the future, recent rumours suggest that Apple has chosen an 8 megapixels camera to be used in the forthcoming iPhone 5. I don't know about others, but my current compact camera is a Fuji Finepix F30 of 6 megapixels, which is more than enough for 99% of my pictures. If the iPhone 5 gets a reasonable price, and if its camera is good enough, maybe it might become my next compact camera as well.

I am a 60 year old snapper who started out in the late 60s using a pentax SLR, kodachrome and tri-x film, half frame to 5x4 equipment, polaroid etc. and then enthusiastically embraced the digital era about 10 years ago. I was very skeptical about the camera part of my recently acquired iphone4. I am pleased to say it has opened a whole new aspect of photography for me. Once you ditch the idea of using it like a traditional camera, where once you fired the shutter and the image was "taken" apart from what you could do in the darkroom (if BW photography), taking a photo on the iphone is just the start of the picture making process (very much more so than "normal" digital photography). It is photography but not as I knew it, and I love it!

@Paul De Zan: Nokia has put a digicam sized sensor into their N8 phone, coupled with an AF Zeiss 8 megapixel sensor. It is generally considered the best camera in a phone. It was not offered by any carriers in the US, however it does have proper support to work on 3G GSM on any carrier in the world. Those so inclined can purchase them pretty easily (try ebaY), get a SIM and snap away!


FWIW re: camera phone sensors, I wish someone would step up and offer a 2MP sensor and market it as HD Resolution. I imagine by dropping resolution down to 1920x1080, aka 1080P, a backlit cmos sensor would offer demonstrably better IQ than the 8MP+ sensor monstrosities for screen use, and frankly a decent 5x7 could be made, maybe 8x10. The key would be the marketing, and not referring to it as 2MP. Check my math, but the pixels would be twice the size, no? (for a given area sensor)


Rather than write a long comment... apologies for linking to my own site.


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