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Sunday, 14 August 2011


I also watched the finish of the PGA Championship and agree completely with your summary. However, you forgot to mention the name of the winner, Keegan Bradley, who showed nerves of steel to come back from 5 strokes down after a triple bogey on the 15th and then win the 3-hole playoff.


As a golfer, that's just tempting fate. He should have changed his name long ago!


dear Mike,

This isn't related to the current post, but I thought this may interest you and your other readers:


The article comments on the famous Ruth Orkin photo which is coming up to its 60th anniversary.



"is it "feeling awfully badly" or "awfully bad?"

Yes, it was so good even my wife stopped her normal routine to watch.

Why would he be feeling awful? His soon to be ex-wife's lawyer called? (Joke for you without some sense of sarcasm)

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

It was indeed thrilling to watch. Dufner was wonderfully philosophical about the loss when he was interviewed by Peter Kostis. The birdie he made on 18 in the playoff showed a tremendous amount of character. I was disappointed for him but Bradley just played a bit better down the stretch.

As my golf partner often says, "The golf gods giveth and the golf gods taketh away."

DUFNER. What a name for a golfer, especially one that plays like a real DUFFER on the final four holes.

I think watching golf is about like watching haircuts at the barbershop. Obviously, YMMV.

Good on him for the huge purse, but the $865K was for four days and a lifetime of preparation.

BTW, I had this name before that golfer showed up with it (g)

Patrick Perez (accept no substitutes)

Wait,.. 'feeling badly'? Are you supposing there is something structurally wrong with him emotionally? Maybe you meant 'feeling bad' (in an ironic sense).

Patrick (keep me off your foursome if you want to win) Perez

"plays like a real DUFFER on the final four holes"

Hardly. A bogey after going in the water off the tee is almost heroic--let's see you get up and down from ninety yards or whatever it was--and the birdie on the 18th in the playoff required nerves of steel even if it was too little too late. Coming back to meet Bradley charging was very bad timing, but his aggregate score on the final four holes for the week was probably better than anyone else's. His loss was very bad luck after where he was on 15, but it wasn't a collapse.


I have to say that I don't watch much golf since Tiger has gone down the mental tubes. There was something about watching a black guy just completely rake over the golf world that captivated me. All these guys are enjoying the break but Im sure, that if Tiger can climb out of the burden bunker and get his head screwed back on, he'll be back to finish resetting the record books.

The other thing about Tiger that fascinates me is that he was a player who had the hairy eyeball focused on him since very early childhood and he was actually able to go beyond what they were saying about him when he was kid and a teenager..no small accomplishment, more than amazing.

I play golf. Im about an 86'er when Im on my game..when Im not on my game I score in the low 300's. Those can be long days so I always pack a tent.

Sorry... I was watching the IndyCar race in New Hampshire. Best IndyCar race EVER! Fans of motorsport will detect the sarcasm.

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