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Thursday, 16 June 2011


So those last two would be the fish that got away? But honest they were thiiiiiiiiiiis big! ;-)

I'm in. I already have one MJ in my collection. Why not two? My best to LuLu. Dogs are worth every penny.

Dear Mike,

Well, it's damn well about time!

So, how soon?!

My checkbook throbs with anticipation (ahem).

pax / Ctein

As long as the price is what is reasonable for me, I'd go for it. Is it feasible for you to incorporate some additional method of payment? Like Google or Amazon? I've run up against a Paypal limit where they require a US bank account (something I don't have).

Mike, I'll bite! (whoops!)

In the mean time, why not put a few of your photos up on the web? Would love to see them.

So, they'll be a numbered edition of only 50? :)

Not "collectable"? I disagree. I'd like a print of that picture. It seems to have a nice dose of that tonality you mention from time to time.

Mike, The one I really liked of yours was the road with snow over the ground, just in case you want an option for your avid readers.

An original Johnston has to be collectible, sign me up


If you did a print run for yourself yearly I'd like to think there would be enough interest. My only worry is that you'd be so busy doing orders we'd be starved for words.



I'm totally on board with this too. Aside from supporting TOP the physical medium of the print sounds intriguing.

count me in for at least one, two if I can stretch the budget.

And maybe, the Silver Fairy Godmother willing, you shall have a darkroom.

I think your doing a print sale is a good idea--but I think you knew that. ;-)

BTW, I agree with Peter. Given a choice I would choose the photo you took of the road winding through the snow-covered trees. But that's just me. You should offer whatever you want to offer.

"Given a choice I would choose the photo you took of the road winding through the snow-covered trees."

But...we already had that print offer....


I'll definitely get one.

Given that we are all invested in the story of Lulu now, why not offer a print of this She Shall Rise Again hound? I'd sign up for that.

I think you will discover that you have way more than 18 fans.

My girl, Skylar, wants one! She is 8 years old and already has cancer. We're ready.

Good Idea Mike,but I'd rethink the choice of print if I were you.
It just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid,sorry about that others may like it,but not for me.

As a supporter of dogs and darkrooms everywhere I'd certainly like to own an MJ 'original'.
The inkjet print you made of 'Migrant Mother' from the LoC collection a few years back still hangs in my studio.

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