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Thursday, 05 May 2011


Alas, too soon for me. I'm hungrily awaiting the rumored A77 replacing, perhaps, the A700. I was a Minolta shooter all my life and loved my 7D until it began to go wonky and the new generation of low-noise, high ISO CMOS cameras came out. I briefly tested the Alpha 700 and found it was ergonomically nothing like my 7D and bought a Nikon D300. The camera takes marvelous shots but its myriad pro features make it harder for me operate (every time I go in the subway I have to access different menus to turn off auto focus assist, image review and then change WB settings - there appears to be no way to link all 3 of those to a single custom setting); + I now have tennis elbow from the sheer weigh of the camera and am adjusting my street shooting technique to favor my left hand. I still have a lovely 24-105 Minolta lens - perhaps the A77 will be the small, light "semi-pro" DSLR for me. If only the Sony 20mm f2.8 lens were better!

Maybe the Pentax K5?

Ordered the A-55 Saturday night through B&H (and your link), it's finally time to upgrade my KM 7D, which is still my only DSLR.

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