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Friday, 01 April 2011


I love all of these photographers-wonderful. Further descriptions not needed. Just place and time images that show maker's recognition.

Thank You Mike!


For the past several years, I have looked forward to your suggestions of photographers' work. In this case however, I am completely uninspired by these images in terms of both style and substance. Maybe its me? What am I missing?


You might be missing the fact that you just don't like the pictures. Different people like different things, and nobody likes everything. There's nothing wrong (I would venture to say, nothing unexpected, even) with not liking something.


Thanks Mike
Blind messed me up.
I am recommending Fraction to my son.
Stuff like this is one of the reasons TOP is such a standout.

Isn't fraction a website that displays edited portfolios...not a magazine?

The work they showcase is generally very strong, and some truly outstanding. I don't see the need to call the website anything other than what it is, except to perhaps try to overlay a contrived sense of importance that is not needed.

Their name, not mine.


Thank you very much for the link Mike. I am really enjoying the web site. It reminds me of the (seemingly) defunct Mooncruise site.

Thanks for that.

If you are interested in landscape photography there is a new online magazine called "Landscape Photography Magazine"
Read online or download pdf.
click on 'magazine' on the header to access issue 1.
The article about Fly Geyser in Nevada is interesting as geology is another of my interests

I discovered it through following http://dvattika.com/blog/ , a landscape photographer based in Scotland, UK.

(It's funny how small the photographic interweb world is; one of the contributors is Alister Benn who I know via his http://availablelightimages.com/ site, and is a Flickr contact.)

best wishes phil

There is always this tension between like it / don't like it, and is it good / not good. I'm not sure what to think, but it's clear these photographers are rejecting the Velvia aesthetic along with what we might classify as traditionally pretty work.

This was my first exposure to Fraction Magazine. It's always fun finding something new, and I enjoyed looking at this issue and several back issues. Thanks for the link.

I agree with one of your commenters that not all of the portfolios contained very inspiring work, but I enjoyed sampling them nonetheless. I find it helpful to my own photography to consider what others find beautiful or interesting, even if it doesn't initially appeal to my eye. It was the artist's statements that preceded several of the portfolios that I found puzzling and in some cases, laughable. Many seemed to be an attempt to convince the viewer that, "I really am deep, and so is my work". I've always believed that one's work should be able to stand on its own. If I have to explain to to you why and how my photographs are really profound, then they probably aren't.

Excellent site.Thanks ........

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