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Friday, 18 March 2011


Ok,another example of how the "Talkies" wiped out the "Silent" actors.There's more to say, but it's just not sporting.

Well that's two minutes of my life I won't get back.

Mike, have you actually found a way to record a nightmare about your new darkroom?


Cheers! Jay

A contact print? I think it really should be enlarged....

I think William Wegman used to shoot with one of those, with a Polaroid back.

I know you hate pedantry, Mike, but I seem to be on a roll today, so here goes: it's "avant-garde".

Excellent. Not too big at all.

when big gets bigger... only landscape can't escape...



I like the way the photographer is wearing overalls; he is dressed for a good bit of manual work. A pretty weird little film.

When I saw the camera in the video that pierre gave us I just laughed in delight!

Thanks Tom and Pierre for finding this stuff.

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