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Saturday, 05 February 2011


Why? Don't you use Apple?

*chime*-click-click-clickity-whirr (sound of new Mac starting up)...

Enjoy the computer! I've always enjoyed turning on a new computer for the first time...


Good Luck with the switch !

And ... Regarding the Fuji X100 - I have to quote from your own site about 4 years ago:

"Fuji Klasse Digital!"


Mike? Mike? Where are you Mike? Mike, please come back Mike.

Dental surgery *and* switching to a new computer on the same weekend? That's really working without a net.

"If you haven't heard anything from me in three days, please send IT with bloodhounds."

That's a good one. I'm going to remember that for future use. Good luck with the computer switch.

I find that leaving s trail of breadcrumbs between hard drives works well . . . :-)

Mike, the only time to be scared of a computer upgrade is when one upgrades the system in place, i.e. overwrites the info on the hard drive. It sounds like you're migrating from one Mac to another. Mac OS has a utility built-in to do most of the grunt work. Relax.


Glad to see from your Nikon Hood update post that the new computer seems to be working. Unless I missed it, you didn't update us as to what you finally went for?

After enduring about 20 years of MS Win *.* I switched over to an iMac a year ago. All went very well indeed until a fortnight ago, when my previously fabulous 27 inch iMac went "pffft" (quite loudly and suddenly, with an accompanying instant upgrade to smellonovision-burnt electricals. Turns out the internal PSU had fried, taking the hard disk, screen, and logic board with it. Thank you Apple Care for the £0.00 repair bill. I'm normally sceptical about these aftercare guarantees, but in this case, my wife's employment as a college lecturer had allowed me to take advantage of a free 3 year Apple Care promotion they were running at the time of purchase.

Back up and running now. I have upgraded my single external Time Machine disk to a RAID version using money saved on repair. Any advice on whether Time Machine is sufficient, or whether a further backup strategy is wise?

And what was the computer eventually chosen, Mike?

Mother Mac will see you through all of this. Of course if you're going to the dark side, all bets are off.

Just saw 127 hours. Best advice. Always have a sharp Leatherman's tool with you when you enter into the unknown. It may be relevant here.

You'll probably be fine. But good luck!

I've just plugged in my third new mouse in three days. This one is I think adequate (though not ideal; I really wanted one with a free-spinning weighted scroll wheel, and I couldn't find one that had that but ALSO let me click the scroll wheel as a middle button).

Mice are considerably less fraught than replacing entire computers!

I did also replace the first mirror pair (2 400GB drives) in my fileserver with 1TB drives this weekend, so I now have over 750GB free space on the server again. Nice to have some elbow-room again!

So, what did you end up with?

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