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Tuesday, 07 December 2010


Not sure about which is the better deal, maybe this?


This one has the newer graphics?

The 27" iMac at B&H is not the newest model... the one at the apple store right now has a 2.8GHz Intel Core i5 vs a 2.66Ghz, and a 5750 vs a 4850.

Dear Peter and Alan,

I've got the late 2010 model iMac that B&H is advertising. The difference in performance between it and the current (2.8 GHz) machine is insignificant for most users. If you're so much at the cutting edge that you need a few extra percent of performance (and that's all it is), you're probably more a customer for a full-blown Mac Pro.

The one reason I can see for getting the Apple refurb (which are great deals, BTW, my MacBook pro is a refurb) is that OWC can add an eSATA port to it for a modest sum. If you want really fast I/O (e.g., Photoshop scratch disk), eSATA's a big win over FW800.

Other than that, not much difference.

Canon 5600F scans a strip of six frames or 4 slides at once. OK for casual use.

Think I'll stick with my Canon 9950F's 5x6 strips = 30 frames or 12 slides at once.


Thanks for the heads up. After much humming and hawing I pulled the trigger on an E-P2 with the 17mm lens. Should be fun for family snaps over the holidays.

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