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Sunday, 07 November 2010


Minneapolis would be great!

Sounds great. If I was still living in Chicago or Madison, I would have loved to join you.

Although it is probably a good thing that I did not get to see that K-5. ;-)

Maybe you can get John to write a user report on the K-5.

How about Beijing?

Hi all,

Grace and I had a great time. We were only sorry that we didn't get to mix more with the other end of the table.

I put some 'Tri-X' photos up here: http://www.kofronphotography.com/TOP%20Dinner/

and there are a few color ones on my blog: http://www.kofronphotography.com/blog/

Mike—thanks again for being such a gracious host and organizing this event. It was a lot of fun and we'd be happy to do it again!

Sounds like you all had fun. Put one vote in for Minneapolis for me. I look forward to seeing some pictures.

I saw Woody writing down names, so maybe he gave you his list? Don't take it from me, but it looks like you nailed it. Thanks again!

Great company, excellent food and superb service from the wait staff. I am looking forward to next time. Thanks for organizing!

Think a bit about Spain :-)

Lucky dogs!
Well if you're ever in Montreal there's at least one TOP reader who'd love to meet over a beer.

I see this was a serious affair...you're all wearing name tags! :-D

Mike, Chicago sounds like a good idea, but New York or Boston sound even better ;-)

I'd like to read opinions from those in attendance as to how curmudgeonly you actually are in person. Although maybe you're like a grizzly bear who becomes tame and loveable once you feed him fish and rub his belly.

Or, how about in Phoenix, come January? :)


Just an observation, but I do get fed up with restaurants putting group tables length ways as often you just miss out on talking more about something that interests you at t'other end and conversing length ways can become disruptive. I know there is often a space limitation, etc., but I've always found round or square set tables more convivial.
Just a thought and I'm sure it wasn't needed for consideration at your successful shindig.

Here's another vote for Minneapolis (or Saint Paul). I know there were several TOP people at Ctein's recent exhibit opener, though since there were no name tags, I can't say how many.

As long as it's not another raw seafood restaurant. I'm sure Jim Kofron's shot of that food tray was a recycled still from Alien.

Thanks again for hosting the event. It was a wonderful gathering - good food, great people, and enjoyable conversation. My votes in for Chicago - anytime!
BTW - Zander was a great waiter, you should be proud, speaking as one dad to another - he appears to be a fine young man (reminded me of my youngest son Charlie -age 15) I have some pics I'll send as soon as I get some time to process.
Sometime we need to hang out and talk music and audio - another of my two passions (as a musician and audio buff). The short talk we did have on turntables has inspired me to warm up the Mac's and spin a disk or two on the Rega...Ben Webster, Hank Snow,Horace Silver, some of the classic Coleman Hawkins and more. Good thing I recently moved my vinyl back into the house recently...;-0
Warm Regards,

Hey Mike, You look terrific. looks like that diet is working.

Wish I was there.


Well, if yo ever decide to do this out in Northern California, I can be there...


Come to Sydney....summer is coming and lots of good restaurants!

looking at this beautiful photo, with its quiet ligth and (sure)pleasant conversation, one thing worries me: TOP and it's faithfull readers are turning old!!

@ Mark Waller

There's a relatively simple way to get around this. Assuming a couple of courses (or more, including coffee), each change of course every second person moves around a few places on the table.

+1 for a Minneapolis/St Paul gathering. It would be fun to meet some more of the local TOPpers* as I only met a couple at Ctein's opening.

Unlike Jim McDermott, I'm just fine with consuming Alien stills. Or something.

*Mike, is there an official name for members of the TOP community yet? Not so sure my makeshift one is the best choice....

Would love to have gone but just wasn't up to making the drive from Austin.:) Maybe next year.

Missed ya by one day!
In chicago on business this week from maine, don't Get out here much. Found out too late to change flights/hotels.
maybe next time!

After all these years, the truth comes out.....You own a sports coat!!! 8-)

Those are terrific snaps, Jim. Really conveys the event well. I lament having to miss it!

Well if John Hall wants to set something up in Montreal, a train ride from megaloposis madness east would be easily in the works.

I vote for the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany - see http://www.hofbraeuhaus.de/

We could have a coupla beers in there, would be great to meet you guys :-)


Hey Mike, had a great time at the dinner, thanks so much for hosting! Nice to meet some new fellow photogs and listen in on some very interesting conversations. Looking forward to hopefully doing something similar in the Chicago area soon!

Another vote for Minneapolis

The Pentax K-5 is "amazingly quiet"

OK that's done it. I am now interested.

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