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Friday, 03 September 2010


I knew Stovall from the texasphotoforum. I am truly saddened to hear of his passing. We weren't close, and I haven't been to texasphotoforum in a while so I can't say that I knew Stovall well but I respected his passion for astoundingly fast lenses (he had a 50/0.95 and possibly a faster lens than that if I recall). Stovall impressed and inspired me and had unflinching convictions about art and photography.

I'm sad for our loss.

Thank you for posting this, Mike. Thank you for the thoughtful writeup, Rick.

Life is short.

Thanks Mike for reminding me how precious it is.

This is one of the reasons why TOP is a daily go-to for me; it's not just the excellent gear talk and top-shelf photo-philosophy (photosophy?). It's the great storytelling and photography lore. Great story, Rick, and great editorial eye, Mike.

My respect to those who have passed, and sympathies to their survivors.

I have driven near that area several times over the years. It's a lovely part of Texas.

I hadn't heard of Stovall's passing. Damn. Rest in peace, John. One of our own is gone.

I knew John from the Leica forum. Being a native Texan who chooses not to live there anymore it was always nice talking to John about "home". Sad to hear he's gone.

Wonderful quote by Bill Pierce. The guy is a genius.

A message from Europe. We exchanged some mails with John some time ago. He was rough but absolutely fair.
This paper is an extraordinarily moving homage. Getting lost looking for a dead friend and finding its wat by finding his hearse is really worth of a great chronicler or novelist — or photographer.
I propodsed to preserve it as a sticky, on ther Leica Forum, as a homage to one of its members ?
One of the strongest suites of any community is the way they honour their dead.
We could honour ours that way.

I never met Stovall but read his post at the Texas Photo Forum. He spoke his mind and shared his knowledge. I passed though his town of Dublin last year and wished I had been able to stop and meet him. I went back through his town this year and once again wished I had taken the time to stop and meet him.

I met Stovall (his preference for greeting)when he invited TPF members to Dublin to view his exhibition at a local bank. When I went inside I immediately knew which one was John. A big guy like myself but with a beard and longer hair. He was happy someone had come. He introduced me to the bank manager and all the staff who seemed to be good friends with him. We shared some Dublin Dr. Pepper and some Dr. Pepper cake. I found his images insightful and his demeanor soft and gentle. I'm glad I met him even if we had some disagreements on the importance of Leica cameras.

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