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Friday, 06 August 2010


While the D90's are at a decent price, I find the real news is that you can get an F100 with warranty as well. A truly wonderful film accompaniment to a newer Nikon DSLR.

After getting a refurbished Nikon LS8000 scanner that was DOA with broken parts rattling around inside and a blown logic board I would caution that "refurbished" probably means "repacked in a new box". That's OK in the USA where you would simply claim on the warranty, but if you live elsewhere in the world that warranty is void. The seller helped me out and it was fixed, but they had no requirement to do so and I could have been left with a $2000 reminder to buy new.

[Note--Paul's scanner was not purchased from B&H Photo. —Ed.]

I bought a new D90 (not refurbished) from Amazon a couple months ago for $765 to use as a backup/lightweight travel body. Don't know if they still have that deal but I'm a happy camper.

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