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Thursday, 01 July 2010


The principles of my collection? Simple. TOP print offers!

You are a mean man! (Or at least a terrible tease.)

I really like that photo of Ken's, but didn't think to write in asking about prints.

Wow, what a spectacular image! I can't say exactly what about it that I love, but I love it! :)

Cheers Ken and Mike!

Any chance you could give us a rough ballpark on the cost of the September prints? It would help with the budgeting…


I'd like to add a +1 to Douglas' comment...

One word, Wow. (picks up jaw from floor and thinks that this guy has managed to achieve something I've been trying with mitigated success for years)

Looks like it was taken at the 340 E. Randolph condo (or very close by)?

"subject matter of the pictures has a natural appeal to millions of people all over the world."

Prints of LOLCATS? ;-)

A truly spectacular, apocalyptic shot! Reminds me of a scene from The Matrix.

What a spectacular image of an incredibly powerful display of nature that we all experienced that day.
Great shot Ken and good call on the print sale Mike - hope I have the budget to afford one.

Dear Mike (and Ken),

Oooh, I am so going to be on top of this one!

It's interesting comparing the JPEGs in this column and the original publication of the photo. Some of the cropping/composition changes I like a lot, some I don't like at all. Different emphases in the dodges and burns (which I don't have like/dislike opinions about because, well, I'm looking at highly denatured renderings).

Overall, the two versions look comparably 'good' (for whatever that word means) without looking at all the same.

Nicely demonstrates that there is more than one way to ski,ummm,print a custom cat.

pax / Ctein

I can but echo the plaintive cry for a rough price guide to the September prints - to the nearest $50.00 would be a great help.

This photograph captures, evocatively, the climate in the United States. Nicely done!

Presumably this is the same storm described in David Byrne's Journal here:


Ken's image is clearly vastly superior, but I like the way the converging verticals in DB's snap make it look like Chicago is being sucked into the cloud...


Vinegar Tom,
I think the shot you mean was taken by Abel Uribe of the Trib, not DB. See "[Source]" under the pic.


Rob G. et al,
Prices for the Fall sale will be $395 for the first one, $375 for the second one, and $995 for all three. I know that's pretty meaningless given that you don't know what the pictures are, but since you asked....


Many thanks for that, Mike - it's far from meaningless for those of us who otherwise might later be regretting not having the funds available.
Your "Save your money" headline is right on the... well... money.

I'm sure this will be a nice one. I'm already saving (I will postpone the purchase of an Olympus E-PL1). What the heck, I already have an E-P2.

From your description:

"..., but the photographer is widely known, the master printer who will be making the prints is legendary (truly—we'll have much more about this sometime in August, but for now you can take my word for it), and the subject matter of the pictures has a natural appeal to millions of people all over the world. The offer includes one picture that is world famous, and the other two, from the same body of work, are just as appealing"

I guess I know who is the photographer and the printer.


If only I had a P65 back I could take pics just as good as Ken... Right? ;-)

I'm not much into colour, but I can't see Ken's pic working this well in B&W. Hats off to Mr. T.

I might just have to get myself a print to go with Gordon's umbrella lady. When will we see the 3rd in TOP's Pluvial Prints Series, Mike?

It's the ANTI-Skyline shot. It is taken FROM the skyline looking back at the vantage points of the stock Chicago Skyline pix.

But it is not looking down on those vantage points. It is gazing metaphorically upward at the magnificent display of nature. Something that is even more full of energy than Windy City architecture. It's like if El Greco painted the Assumption from Mary's viewpoint.


(And the cynic in me notes that even the "Bean" is neatly cropped out!)

Ken's pic is amazing, almost look like a drawing, somekind of blade runner feeling too... I love it.
I hope the print will have large dimensions, because it has to be big to create the right visual effect and it offers lost of details too. It would be a shame if the print was too small. Any idea of the print size mike? please?

Print size is approx. 9 x 13, which is the smallest size that works according to Ken. He thinks (and I agree) that 8x10 paper is just too small. He told me (I haven't seen a bigger print) that a much larger print works the best--I just can't recall the number; I think he said 22" wide?--but that would cost too much to provide for the print offer.

He might sell you a print of the larger size for more money ($1,000+?) if you really want one, I imagine. I'm just guessing on that; we'll have to hear from Ken himself to know for sure.


Dear Ken,

An excellent image as usual, which really makes my imagination shift gears. I somehow think of Mount Doom in Mordor with the tower of Sauron to the side. The cars' taillights look like lava streams flowing down from it. A really ominous scene.

Congratulations with the print sale, I shall try to grab one if I can afford it.


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