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Saturday, 01 May 2010


Get well soon!


We know how you got your carpal tunnel.

Feel better soon!

Rest easy TOP dog. Get that hand better. We can wait. It will help us recognize the full worth of your next post.

Have you been back to the hospital Mike?
I'd be having somebody looking at that hand on a regular basis. Your health is more important than anything!

Oh dear - I'm mostly a lurker, but a dedicated one :).
Seriously: best wishes.

No worries Mike, take it easy and let that hand mend. Cheers! Chris.

PS When you are better I want to hear how you are getting on with the big Mamiya, and the return to the darkroom.

Take care.

Take it easy Mike - don't rush back if you are unwell. Hope you are able to drive the Merc still so you can get out and about.

Get well soon Mike

Hallo Mr. Johnston,
Gute Besserung!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Wien
Jorit Aust

Be well Mike. Don't worry about us. We'll be fine.

Managing our sense of loss by trying something new may prove useful. For example, I'm going to participate in the NY Times' A Moment in Time" project where people around the world are asked to take a photo at 11:00 AM EST and submit it for inclusion.

Eating a balanced diet and light exercise can help.

Perhaps someone can get creative and set up a place on Flickr or some other suitable site where TOPagons (TOPtonettes?) can submit a weekly photo so that we can see what each of us is up to. (I kind of like this idea.)

And lastly, we might thank our God of choice that an alert Times Square vendor and one of New York's finest helped avert a disaster last night.

Sorry to hear of your mishap Mike hope you are well again soon.

Not to worry, Mike, better to get better, than push your self past the point of good health. We will survive without your articles, banter, and entertaining miscellany for a few days. Get well....

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm fine, and not even complaining. It's just been a bit of a stressful week, is all, and I need a mental-health day or three. Back in the saddle before you know it. I appreciate all the kind words.


Take the time you need - blogger burn-out is no laughing matter!

That means several days with no Mike..Arrgh !

I'm a TOP daily addict. Get well soon :-)


Rest well and enjoy yourself! We'll still be here waiting, passing the time by reading past posts, etc.

Glad to hear you are able to listen to your body & mind when you need to. All the best & take it easy.

Hi Mike,

Recovering from broken rib so understand where you are coming from. Get better real soon!

Take care,


Geez, this is like coming off of coffee... the shakes, headaches, grouchiness... wait, I was always that way. Doh!

I had a bad problem with my hands, right wrist and forearm a while back. I bought an Microsoft ergonomic keyboard (even for a mac) and a mouse that has a big roller ball. It made a big difference -- I don't have anymore pain.

Take care of yourself, and good luck.

Mike, we will survive without you somehow, just not well. Take care and get better.

Dear Mike,
Take it easy and hope you feel well soon.
With best wishes...

This may or may not make you feel better, but...
Saturday I was out walking my daughter's dog, a little Shih-Tzu, when she suddenly bolted away, and I lost control of the leash. I started to run after her, and fell, hard, smashing my face into the asphalt, along with my ribs, shoulder, and knee. I ended up with seven stitches over my eye, along with multiple contusions and abrasions.
Oh, and I also fractured my right elbow.
My wife says I'm lucky, as in, 'We could be donating your organs right now.' She's an ER nurse, and says such things happen all the time.
As for the dog, she seems penitent.

Take it easy and get well, T.O.P. has enough posts from way back to keep us busy :-)

Greetings, Janneman

Hope you get well soon Mike.



Rest and mend, Mike!


Hope you get well. Just give the hand some rest ... maybe a new ergonomic keyboard ... can recommend it :) Greetings form Copenhagen

Best wishes on a speedy recovery. It's nice to have all your previous material in the archives to read when you're incapacitated, or just goofing off. (Which you don't do enough). Get well soon...

Very sorry to hear that! It sounds like your injuries far exceed mine. I feel better now that the arm that got the tetanus shot is not aching all the time. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Dear Mike,

Get well and get rest. Nothing more important than health.

I have no doubt we are all patience fans!

BTW, I use rolling ball since the time I can afford a second hand Apple Powerbook 100 in the late 1990s. As you do not move except your thumb, it is great. Try it later when you are better. It also save desktop space too.

Best wish.


I've been the buffer zone in a dog fight. Never again! Hope you'll be back to normal after a brief, er, paws. : )

Nothing to say, besides thoughts and wishes for your full and prompt recovery. Take care.

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