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Sunday, 18 April 2010


Congratulations! You do realize though that this is a car (and color) often driven by older conservative men. Just wait, an 18-200 zoom will be next ;-)

It's a safe car, but as always, don't get lulled into false safety. I've seen Mercedeses totally wrecked on the highways in Europe, with covered bodies next to them. The laws of physics can't be fooled, so drive safely.

"The Cobalt was my least-favored rental car when I was in California a week a month."

Totally different car. The Cobalt SS is completely different than el cheapo rental car Cobalts, from the tires to the chassis to the steering wheel. It's not AS different as a NASCAR racer is from a stock car, but it's the same general idea. You can't judge one by the other.



"I do find the C-class ugly little econo-boxes."

There I was, innocently enjoying the parade, when, out of a cloudless sky, raindrops....


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