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Thursday, 08 April 2010


Aren't Apple an increasingly delightful company? "Photography not allowed" - why, pray tell us Mr Jobs, are you so paranoid?
(Written from my MacBook Pro - six months old, already on new optical drive). iPad looks neat though.

Oops, not allowed to take photos.... Me stupid tourist. I didn't know ;-)

I took many photos in the 5h Av. store in NYC with a big DSLR. Nobody said a thing.

BTW, TOP looks as if it was Made for iPad!

Uh, Oh, let the flame wars begin!

I was in the Apple Store yesterday and there were a bunch of folks buying iPads. In fact there was an iPad class going on while I was there. I did not have the time to touch an iPad, though. 8^(

Consumerist reports that they are babe magnets:

Future is right! Like V2.0 at least...I've tried it and the best word I can think to describe the difference between it and my MacBook is "gelded." The lack of a real USB port is a total deal breaker for me, but this is absolutely typical Apple behavior; it took them forever to put an SD reader in their laptops...which is what SEALED the deal when I bought mine. They try to set standards and when it's crystal clear they can't, they fall in line reluctantly.

Mike -

I got my iPad last Saturday morning, and the first website I went to was T.O.P. If I hadn't been able to get quick access to your site, I would have had to return it.
Now I have a little T.O.P. icon right on my first screen. One touch and I am in photography heaven.


Ah! iPhone subverts Apple Store. I like.

But "Anti-RPG"?

I don't see the point in this fluffing up s new product. Everyone and his uncle is aware of it. So what's your point? When you got got something to say, say it. Otherwise it's an advert.

Go long Apple. Sell @ 285.

Hee hee! I do that all kind of thing whenever I'm in the Apple store; I load up the screens with pages from my photo blogs (although I haven't taken a photo of them). Last time I was there I used Big Ass Message to write "My Mac Mini is good enough!" onto the screen of a 27" iMac.

I'm looking forward to getting an iPad. I HATE Apple's insistence on staying with closed systems, and I hate their manipulations, but their devices are so beautifully designed (both in appearance and in user experience) that I can't help it.

Anti-RPG Security Force? Mike, I think you'll find Rocket Propelled Grenades are frowned upon in most stores.

The coming new world of the 1970s, where computers do what the manufacturer lets you do with them, and no more. Hurrah.

Reading TOP on my iPad right now. It's awesome!!

Nice, but will it blend?


How does your website look on an iPhone?

Yesterday, an out of focus photo of a dog, and a photo of a framed print with severe reflections in the glass. Today, an out of focus photo of an iPad with severe reflections.

I, for one, am weary of all the iPad hype and speculation. Let's all step back, catch our breath, and wait to see what happens.

Ah, that'll be the end of print media then. I'd better burn all my books.


"How does your website look on an iPhone?"

Pretty poor, actually. If you make it big enough to read you have to scroll around to see everything. I wasn't impressed.


I've never had a problem photographing at Apple stores. Maybe it's because I am usually there with a film based camera. Not sure the geniuses there know what to make of anything analog.

"Pretty poor, actually. If you make it big enough to read you have to scroll around to see everything. I wasn't impressed."

Took me no time at all to format my WordPress site for the iPhone (using the WPtouch plugin). I now spend more internet time on the iPhone than I do on my pewter. It would be great if TOP could join me there.

I find it looks ok on the phone as long as all you want is to read the main text. Just MHO

Like Ed, I was reading TOP on my iPad by 10am on Sat.

There's a big issue with Flash on the iPad, but everything I've read about that issue is about video, for which there are straightforward alternatives (e.g., new "video" element in HTML5), and sites such as YouTube have already adapted.

But photographers regularly use Flash on their web sites (as do some reviewers) not for video, but for fancy effects, none of which have to do with showing the still photo itself.

Here's hoping all these photographers drop Flash as soon as possible. I always thought it was irritating even when I'm using a computer that supports Flash.


Loved the IPad TOP scam.

Yep, I wan't one; so I can read TOP while my wife searches for new recipes. We're always sparring over the MacBook Pro.

I wonder whether they can be color calibrated.

Thank God, you've finally "made it".

@ Marc

yeah let's just drop 12 years of development and one of the most useful software technology just because some useless gizmo showed up
good idea but very poorly implemented
i can't really see what the hell i should be doing with this ipad thingie. it's like a netbook..only useless.no usb no real flash,no multitasking,looks very fragile

i hope a cheap netbook with a touchscreen shows up soon

Done the V.1 (non-3G)/3/3gs iphone and may be I wait.

I wait.

I must wait.


I prefer using Flash to post my still photos on the web for two reasons:

First, as I understand it, it's quite difficult to download a JPEG file from Flash. Without Flash, a simple right-click allows anyone to steal my photo.

Second, with Flash, the photo will expand or contract to fill the window or the screen.

I would not consider buying any device that cannot accommodate Adobe Flash.


How does it look on iPhone? That is where I often read this site. The only problem I have is when there is a photo I want to REALLY look at. Then I make a mental note to scroll down next time I am reading on a real computer. It does mean that I am not looking at what is on the sides most of the time but I am really here to read the main posts.

I believe *all* Apple products are coated in a thin layer of incredibly pure cocaine or a similarly addictive substance.
Otherwise, how can you account for the fact that I went from a hard-core PC enthusiast (I built my own machines and overclocked and tweaked them ad nauseam) to a guy with two Macs, three iPods and an iPhone? It all started innocently enough, with a first generation iPod Nano, and it went downhill from there ...

Anyway, I have no need for an iPad, no viable excuse to buy one, but I do want one.

Zee iPad is great for photographers to show our work to people we meet. I was always struggling to show my photos to people on my iPhone now this solution came along and solved that issue. Its a killer photo frame, that does other things.

As stated above, photographers that have websites made out of flash are going to loose out big time until they make their sites pure html like they should have been to begin with.

But, but... what's it /for/?

I've been reading TOP on my iPad Touch for a year now. Works fine.

I like your site on the iPhone. A simple double tap on the main content and the screen is wall to wall text, large enough for comfortable reading. Maybe it's just my young eyes (sorry).

The Annenberg Space for Photography here in LA goes absolutely crazy if you bring a camera in their building.

Go figure.

Sam G.,
Never, ever apologize for young eyes! Enjoy, enjoy!

"Sight is the soul's perfect delight." --Pope Somebody-er-Other


I think TOP isn't too bad on my iPod Touch. I set it so the main text column is the full width of the screen in the vertical orientation, and it's pretty easy to read, though of course I miss the advertising.

I was in the upper west side NYC apple store (Manhattan has three and Brooklyn has none - boo hiss) and most of the people trying out the iPads were checking out how their websites look. It was amazing to see how many people had hired someone to build them a web site and did not realize that all their menus were in flash.

Bill - Two problems with what you said. One, copying photos is so easy, that the flash overlay does essentially nothing. All I have to do is hit the print screen button, and paste into any of many programs, and viola!

Second, a lot of Flash implementations aren't color managed, and can make photos look a bit wonky, color-wise. (Of course, Flash CAN be color managed now, but I haven't seen much use of it myself.)

Between these two things, I don't see why there would be a need to present photos with Flash.

But, but... what's it /for/?

Posted by: RobG

Rob, owning an Apple product (I have an iMac) isn't about utility but Fervour of Ownership. If we can't adequately express our quasi-religious belief outdoors (at a glance, the iPhone can easily be mistaken for its competition) then how else do we bask in the glow of our uber-nerdiness in public? The iPad fills the on-the-move gap between home and that section of some foreign kitchen in which we can corner our unfortunate fellow party-goers.

A product for lemmings. Real men use Debian ;-)

The sales of Jiff glass-cleaner should go through the roof. Look at all those fingerprints on the screen?

I've been using my iPad pretty much exclusively since getting it on Saturday. I suspect that it won't be too much longer before I find that I have little need to fire up my iMac. It's that useful.

Sorry, but to me this device seems like nothing more than the Large-Print Edition of the iPhone. Without the phone, of course.

The only thing that i see on this photo, is how bad the reflections are on that shiny tech toy...

Add me to the list of TOP readers using their iPad to view the site. This is the new Crackberry! Only problem now is getting off my butt, setting the iPad down, and picking up my camera to take some photographs.

Leave aside temporarily any praise or
criticism for the iPad and watch the
whole 1hr iPhone OS 4 Sneak Peek keynote
video available on Apple.com
Only one conclusion. The company is

Copying photos themselves from Flash is a very non-trivial thing for casual pilferers. Not so for photos embedded in pages.

My site won't work on iPad. I use a flash gallery to display the photos, while the rest is simple HTML. (And the photos look more or less as they should.) I don't think I'll change that.

Instead of joining the sect, I think I'll wait to see what Adam or even HP's Slate really offer.

BTW, Roger, how about actually working on a photo? Viewing compressed DNG files from an M9 seems to be quite fast, but note the full zoom behaviour.

If I may paraphrase David Pogue of the NY Times, the I-Pad is for reading content and a computer is for creating content.

Man alive! The iPad can inspire opinions like a Canon-Nikon debate. Maybe inspire isn't the right word.

My wife works with the mother of a graphics designer at Microsoft who says that all the graphic designers there use Apple computers. I find that funny (and please don't take that as an endorsement of either company; I hate all companies. They lack humanity). But it makes me wonder if at the Nikon HQ there are lots of Canon copiers.

> A product for lemmings. Real men use Debian ;-)

Meh. REAL men use Gentoo; the rice burner distro...

Full disclosure: My project happens to host one of the more popular Gentoo mirrors so I may have a viewpoint some would consider, uh, tainted.

Dear Folks,

I mentioned this once before, but it got largely ignored, so I'll mention it again (the definition of insanity?).

The iPad display is very, very good. As in "better than any other portable device or laptop display I've seen" good. As in "better than low cost desk display" good.

I can't tell without running some better tests if it's fully as good as an Apple Cinema or other professional-studio-grade display. It's sufficiently close that I can't tell without running some serious tests.

That's saying something.

People might be wanting to think about what they might do with a portable, self-powered display that can show their photographs so they look *right.*

pax / Ctein

I have an iPod Touch and I can't find an ap for TOP. Is there one?

"I have an iPod Touch and I can't find an ap for TOP. Is there one?"

Are you asking me? I can barely operate my el cheapo cellphone....

--Technologically impaired Mike

A cellphone? What on Earth is a cellphone?

Dear Roger & Wolfgang,

Real men don't worry about what real men do.

Just sayin'...

pax / Ctein

Photography not allowed? I was in the San Francisco Apple Store last night and shot a bunch of pictures with my DSLR in full view of staff and the security bouncer. I had no idea I was breaking any rules and neither were they apparently (or at least didn't enforce them.)

Copying photos from flash is a breeze, just "printscreen" to copy the screen or "alt-printscreen" to copy the front window. Then a quick New, Paste, Crop Save. It takes me a few seconds (I have to do screen copies from windows all the time in my job).

Anyone who is worrying about "casual pilferers" who are too dumb to know about the printscreen key, is missing the point. . .

BTW, "Flash" is not the web. Get your d*mn photo set on the web using web standards. . .

TOP's minimum screen width is 900 pixels; at 768 pixels, the iPad has to do some scaling, but unfortunately it decides to leave in some of the useless grey sidebearing, so everything else shrinks; this means that TOP could display better on an iPad if it had a little theming help

James McDermott - I have an iPhone, and frankly, it's barely competent at any of the things it does (Sort of like every Mac I've ever used, all the way back to the IIe. And no doubt some of the believers will tell me it's because I'm a PC-using heretic - so be it. :~) ). An old-fashioned paper notepad is faster for taking notes and making sketches, the camera is umm, well, let's be polite and say 'not optimal', my 5 year old Nokia had better telephone quality (and was smaller, with a better camera) and I already had an MP3 player. I seldom play games and, well, you get the message. Somewhere on Youtube there's a video gag about an new Apple product, and one of the characters says something along the lines of "It'll be useless, but it's an Apple, so I just have to have one." That sort of covers my feelings on the matter. For me, I can see no use for this iPad thing; reading the above comments, it seems to be a passive device, which is such a gesture of useless that it beggars belief.

In case you were wondering, the reason I got the iPhone was because I needed to change networks, and the best plan for me was tied up with the iPhone. So now, I'm stuck with it for a while. And it hasn't even helped me score yet, either...

PS. I'll look up the video and post the link, Johnston-san willing. It's a hoot.

That Youtube video, from The Onion. Watch it and laugh. BTW, that quote was "I'll buy almost anything if it's shiny and made by Apple."


Ctein - your information re the quality of the display is interesting, but I'd need to be selling a lot more photos than I currently am (ie none as of right now) to justify that purchase. :)

Anyone who is worrying about "casual pilferers" who are too dumb to know about the printscreen key, is missing the point. . .

Not exactly. Embedding a 300k photo in a web page is one thing, and taking a 50k screenshot is another. Not to mention higher resolutions and a reasonable amount of scaling.

Besides, updating a Flash gallery with XML file is really a trivial thing. Quite easier than updating an HTML gallery.

Man, I never thought I'd be defending Flash. I hate Flash-only sites with all my heart.

"I've been reading TOP on my iPad Touch for a year now. Works fine."

Same here.

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