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Thursday, 05 November 2009


TOP World Headquarters needs to send a delegation to Amazon.ca and get them to improve their camera offerings. They do not provide the same depth of product as the main Amazon site and many products cannot be shipped internationally from Amazon US due to distribution agreements.


Mike, it may be worth noting that Adorama (large NY City photography dealer) and J&R (large NY City electronics/camera dealer) sell through Amazon. As far I can tell, the prices and shipping costs are the same, or same enough, as on their own sites; the difference is that TOP gets a commission if the items are purchased via TOP's Amazon link. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Good timing on this. Was just about to buy a series of training books.


Does it say anywhere on the page if you are supporting the site when shopping from Amazon?

I bought a few books a while ago after clicking on your Amazon link (Two ecology books and a nude photo book), but I have no idea if it worked or not, as I didn't notice any indication whatsoever.

Buy through us or we'll drench these poor girls again! ;-)

It's painless & helps us by helping Mike ! I forwarded the link to my wife; she's ordered inkjet cartridges for her company using TOPs Amazon link ... take the couple seconds to save the link somewhere where you'll use it ! (Now all Mike has to do is hire someone to come up with the TOP "toolbar" for IE).

will do Mike, I have some pretty big orders for Christmas that I'll be ordering through B&H and Amazon. I'll make sure to send some love your way.

"(Please correct me if I'm wrong.)"

robert e,
No, you're right. We get credited with things you buy THROUGH Amazon as well as FROM Amazon.


No, there's no confirmation given, unless you note the URL in your address bar at the start of the session. It should match the URL given on our links page.

I get "reports" later, limited to the item purchased, the date, the cost, and our percentage. I don't see how purchases are grouped, nor do I see who made the purchase or any personal information about the purchaser. It's just a list of items.

Sometimes it's entertaining nonetheless, to go down the list and see all the things people bought! Sometimes I'm curious to see what photo books and camera equipment people are interested in.


"will do Mike, I have some pretty big orders for Christmas that I'll be ordering through B&H and Amazon. I'll make sure to send some love your way."

Seriously, thanks. Helps put bread on my butter!


In helping you maximize your B&H and Amazon commissions, can you answer the following:
1. If we buy lots of items, is it better to buy from Amazon or B&H?
2. When buying a big ticket item (e.g. that full frame digital), will you get more from B&H or Amazon.

I am a great fan of TOP; it has become my primary photo-oriented web site and I look for updates, comments, etc. several times a day.

(from your neighbor in Glendale, WI)

Well I have over the last month ordered a series of bits and pieces. I'm pretty sure I used your link on TOP. But now I'm wondering (and hoping) that you received your cut -- this is a beaut site.

Seriously, thanks. Helps put bread on my butter!

Y'er doing it wrong, Mike! The bread goes under the butter.

This probably goes a long way towards explaining your broken keyboard...

This is really good, Mike. I can buy something I, er, *need*, and can support art at the same time. What's to complain?

Hi Woody,
For electronics such as cameras, I get 3% from B&H and 4% from Amazon (with the exception of computers, which return a flat fee of $25--there's not a lot of margin on computers. That's from Amazon. I'm not sure what B&H pays on computers--I'd have to pore over the records to see if anyone's ever bought a computer from B&H through us).

Either way is fine. It's really a matter of which vendor is most convenient to you. Lots of people prefer B&H (I got lots of requests to add them as an affiliate before I did), and of course B&H has a great deal of photo expertise and a deeper stock of photo-related equipment. It's up to you.

To answer your private question, the address you have is correct. Thanks for your interest and your support!


Nice picture.

Girls make life worth living. Sigh...

Mike, I hope my purchase of some Nikkor glass through your B&H link helped. I'll keep turning to your link with B&H whenever I buy something through them.

Thanks Sam, and everyone.


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