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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


That link doesn't work for me. And, oddly enough, I came to TOP just so I could go to B&H! I need (err... want) a fuji instant back for my 4x5.

Should be fixed now. Sorry. And thanks for letting me know!


This is a measure of B&H's prominence. Every other retailer might get a notice when they open. B&H gets one because they're closed.


This is one the reasons I like B & H so much - how many other retailers would try and find a way around closing their business for so long? But, I've always liked the shops that close down for a week or so while the owners go on vacation, so maybe I'm just weird.

Thanks for posting this notice. We'll be closed Oct 3-11 and reopen Oct 12th. Our best wishes to all for health, happiness and prosperity.

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

A sweet holiday to you and your colleagues, Henry.

I think it is great that B&H closes to observe a holiday for the Jewish faith... My only question is, do I get an extension on my return policy of 15 days? I just received a flash on Friday from B&H and it seems to show signs of short circuiting, so I want to exchange it before the 15 day policy is up. I now have to wait 7 days and hopefully I don't use up my return policy timeline. Is this extended in the case of holidays?

We could ask, but...well, they're closed.


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