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Friday, 21 August 2009


Mike, English is not my first langauge, but please, is "tog" really a word connected with photography? Google tells me it is either a thermal measurement or a half tiger, half dog.

Sorry for the off topic post, but long words are long for a reason. Because they sound so good.

What I found amazing is that the camera on rails that takes video of the finish actually had to speed up noticeably to keep up with Bolt near the finish. That man is fast!

It has been said that Bolt, not Michael Phelps, was really the biggest star of the Beijing Olympics, and I'm inclined to agree. What a phenomenon. Just beautiful to watch.

He is awesome, isn't he? He was a guest on BBC's Top Gear this summer. He's not only fast on his feet, he is also very fast in car. As the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, he blew Jay Leno's doors off. He's also funny, smart, witty; and best of all, very personable. He's a cool dude; I wish him the best.
The only thing that bothers me about him, and it's not actually him, is that so many people are convinced that he must be on something. Most Europeans I talk to also believe that Lance Armstrong is on some miracle drug, and they believe the same thing about Bolt. Seeing Bolt talking to the Top Gear guys, I'll never believe it. In fact, Leno seemed to be a helluva lot more messed up on something than Bolt.

And check out the remote cameras at the finish line. Keeping Pocket Wizard in business!

I just hope he isn't cheating with drugs. It's hard not to suspect it at these levels of performance and the amount of money involved anymore.

I hope that he is clean as well. As one who grew up in Jamaica and has followed their athletes since the 1970s, the depth of talent doesn't surprise me. Perhaps he can also change course and focus on the 400 and demolish that record as well.

I have to admit, the footage of the photographer herd (or I should say, herds, since there were clearly two ranks) was one of the more amusing things I've seen today.

Yes, Mike, I agree to a point, but weren't the Keystone Cops always falling over themselves? These guys are very much a coherent group, very fluid in their movement, making the best use of space and not falling over each other as they walk, crouching, backwards. They reminded me of a school of fish or flock of birds all turning at once.

But to me the really impressive thing here - besides the man himself, of course - is the thing nobody has commented on, because it's invisible. The fluidity of the motion pictures we are viewing, provided by skillful use of the Steadycam. Look at it again. It's Hollywood smooth. No jiggles at all. I used to shoot Super 8 and it took work to get it one-quarter as smooth as here, even using an ultra-wide. This is beautiful in itself.

This isn't so bad. I've seen it much worse. Everybody is playing nice here.

Given the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs, I am skeptical of all current athletic achievements -- especially those involving the breaking of long-held world records (probably achieved by an earlier generation of drug users) by very large margins. So, although there's no denying that Usain Bolt is plain SPECTACULAR (with a winning personality to boot), I'll reserve judgment for a few years.

Eric P: English is my first language, and togs are clothes to me. I did not spot any on the rail.
Another case of two nations separated by a common language?

'togs. Zat better?

Yep. Changed. Thanks.


You said 'togs when you meant snappers. All is clear!

Please, have faith in Bolt, it feels much better than being sceptical. It's like believing all photojournalists alter their images because some have, there is no good in that.

I agree it was interesting seeing the set-up of all high-tech photographic equipment along the tracks, all-automatic and remote-controlled. I wonder also what thoughts went through the photographers' heads yesterday, when heavy rain fell over the stadium....

BBC radio has an early morning programme featuring an Irish man called Terry Wogan. Its the most popular programme on UK radio. Combination of Wogans natural wit, bit of music, studio banter etc.
His target audience is those over 40 so he jokingly refers to them as Terry's Old Geezers, or TOGS

There really is no national PED's testing program in Jamaica. Honestly, all of the previous 100 meter record holders that Bolt bested have been busted, and as has been proven again and again, a clean test is no reason to believe that an athlete is clean.

Of course Bolt is using PED's.

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