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Monday, 20 July 2009


And...where is the E-P1 review?

Much as it wasn't the fairytale ending, I thought Cink was remarkably gracious in victory, much as his defeated opponent would have been.

When Watson missed the putt at 18, I turned off the TV and went outside to mow the lawn. I knew that was it.

And that's what makes sports so interesting -- no one's in charge of the script.

Maybe more pro sports should learn from professional wrestling. It won't be "fake" since it will still be "athletic". Solves the doping problem, too.

All Americans should be truly proud that their country can produce a sportsman of the quality and integrity and true humility of this great man, he is indeed a very special person.

The placing of a yacht in a prime position emblazoned with a company logo seemed pretty opportune to me (from that companies point of view) but totally unnecessary for the spectators and it did impinge on a fine view. I hope the police/PGA or who-ever find a way of not letting it happen again!

I think most golfers would have cringed at Tom's choice of club at the side of the green at the last. That was a big ask for a putter. No disrespect to Cink but what a sad ending to a spectacular dream. I am sure those of us who grew up with Tom and his genius over the years feel for him very deeply.

I'm not a golf fanatic, but I sure know who Tom Watson is, and remember pretending to be him when I was a kid, putting in the living room.

That a (nearly) sextagenarian legend outplayed everyone else in the game until the bitter end of this prestigious tournament is an awesome story, and will be long-remembered.

I also like that he basically said "yeah, I screwed it up at the end" and handled this roller-coaster ride gracefully. He would have been within his rights, in my humble opinion, to smash the turf with a putter, or hurl a ball or two!

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth games, governments here in Australia actually put *laws* in place to stop people doing that sailing boat trick.

That's right - if you tried anything clever like standing at the side of a parade or event with a banner, or dressing up a row of people to spell out you company name, you would be whisked away by police. Established commercial interests vs. guerrilla commercial interests!

I liked this report
That old geezer is a year younger than I am.

Tom's one of my sporting heroes and I felt gutted for him. With Alberto Contador stealing a march over Lance in the Tour and Cavendish's unfair disqualification, Sunday represented the worst possible series of outcomes for me. It wasn't very good for those directly involved either...

Would it be crass to say "well, there's always next time"?

Cink might have won the day, but Watson won the Open in everyone's heart.

It's too bad that we have this win or nothing attitude. Tom finished second in a field of the best golfers at one of the top events in the world - that's a wonderful story in of itself - I'm inspired and moved. I feel the same way about Lance Armstrong. While it looks likely he will finish 2nd this year people will consider it a failure but I consider it a triumphant validation of his 7 other victories and it will hopefully put to rest all the whispering about doping. Seeing men like Watson and Armstrong make me realize that even though I am 46 - I still might have a little game in me yet. maybe...

looks like he just got off the starship enterprise... and went golfing. ;-)

Tom lost to his achilles heel..the 5 to 10 footer.

This is what haunted him in his last years on the regular PGA tour..the heebee geebees over the putter on putts of this length...he did quite well through the tourney but it came back to roost in the end.

Fantastic story though, how hard is it to keep that lead for 4 days in and out?

It's extremely difficult to do this..golf is SO difficult.

Well, well, I could have thought of much worse things to happen in the golf world, but then again, I am a writer, I like a good tragedy :)

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