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Sunday, 14 June 2009


We got big negatives woot woot! YEaaaaahhh!

This is great customer service on Ilford-Harman's part. I bought too much HP5+ last year, but I might buy a few boxes just to make sure!

I wish someone somewhere would make a batch of 70mm b&w film with type2 perforations. My favorite film camera ever won't take anything else and it's just sitting here taunting me.

I wish I had a need for 7" x 17" sheet film. Someday I'm gonna grow up and get a big cumbersome wooden camera.

Thanks Oren, especially for all those links.

I've already put in my order for 10 boxes of FP4+ in 2.25x3.25". I'm stocked up on the larger sizes for now.

Jim from Midwest Photo Exchange made a form especially for these orders here:
http://www.mpex.com/page.htm?pg=ILFORD-PRE-ORDER&utm_source=www.mpex.com&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=Front-Page+Ilford Pre-Ordeer

Midwest Photo Exchange

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