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Sunday, 03 May 2009


Well, what did you expect? It is a Canadian horse. We are a nation of 50:1 longshots not really going anywhere until we decide to turn on the jets.

doping test already made?

apologies for the lack of trust

And here's the race, post race reaction/ commentary and the overhead view on YouTube.

Very impressive. 15 horses back and wins for about six-seven lentghs. And he cost $9500, which is peanut shells compared to what racing horses can cost.

On the funny side, the jockey's accent reminds me of Clem from The Simpsons.

I agree with you that this race was spectacular, but I did see the whole thing very clearly on the original broadcast. We watched it a couple of time by rewinding my DVR, and could see Mine That Bird coming from last, moving around one horse, and then moving to the front along the rail. True, the overhead shot is even better, but I think you are overstating the weaknesses in the original footage.


You are right, that really was something. It was like all the other horses (all of them) got caught in fifth gear on a hill and forgot to downshift. Really an amazing run.

Whose photograph is that?

The story here is not only the come from behind "Casey's Shadow" story, but this horse cost his owner $9,500. Not $2 million like that frequent flier from Dubai or any of those other high priced horses. Is it possible there is a lesson to be learned here about expensive always means it's best?

It might be a must see, but since they insist on making me watch five (+, I gave up after that) 30 seconds ads to see it, I'll never know.

Hmmm . . .
Does this clip suggest that Mike's #2 recommended camera is a digital Holga? a Mine That Holga!

As a Louivillian, we regularly attend either the Oaks ( the stakes race on Friday) or Derby, I think this was one of the most spectacular derby races I have ever seen. Unfortunately I was not at the track this year to see it in person, but as Mike says from various coverage it was an absolute masterpiece for the horse and jockey.

Photograph it from track level. I have an amateur photog friend of mine who has somehow come up with a pass and has some great shots. There is nothing like the view of the pack rounding turn one with the grandstands and twin spires in the background.

You have to watch the ad. Just let it play.


Actually he cost his current owners $400,000, not $9,500. The $9,500 was the price he brought as a yearling. After he had done well in some races, the current owners paid the $400K (sight unseen) for him.


Thanks for posting this.

Haven't seen anything like this since the days of Nashua and Needles when I used to watch the races broadcasted from WMTW-TV (ABC) in Poland Spring, Maine. Of course, we still had a black and white tv set back then.

Well, that would tell you how young I am. :)

Great horse, eh?

Honestly, I am a horrible handicapper but I think Mine That Bird completely deserved its 50-1 odds and where that speed came from- I have no idea. The Daily Racing Form gives free past performances for the Derby and I took a look at Mine That Bird and its past performance shows no sign of the speed it showed on Saturday. The horse had done well in races at Woodbine in Ontario but the toughest race it won was a Grade III, two steps below the Derby. Then in the Breeders Cup Juvenile race, the biggest race for 2-year-olds, it finished 12th...out of 12. It then ran 2 so-so races at a track in New Mexico that I had never heard of. I don't usually look at Beyer speed figure numbers but its best number was 81 while the other horses that had done well in the major pre-derby stakes had numbers in the high 90s or over 100. Even in the last workout before the race, Mine That Bird "breezed" 5 furlongs in 1 minute 2 seconds. (Breezed means the horse wasn't pushed). The horse Friesan Fire breezed 5 furlongs on the same day and at the same track but ran it in 57.8 seconds. 4 seconds over 5/8 mile is a BIG difference. So, to me, Mine That Bird winning was a huge upset.

I love a horse. He knows he beat all the other horseys but he's playing it sorta nonchalant in that picture. Great story.

Right up there in excitement with the Bulls vs Celtics series.

What do you expect. His father was a mudder and his mother was a mudder.

The camera work was very frustrating. I would like to see his progress as he came from twenty lengths behind, not just as he was already threading through.

Thanks for posting this - I'm with HD though - no ads please. Sure chuck 'em on the side and make me wait for what seems like an eternity before the video rolls, but don't put more on the screen. Message to MSNBC: the internet isn't TV from the '60s.
Liking your blog BTW Mike - only just discovered it and can now officially blame someone for my having to buy a D700.

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