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Tuesday, 17 March 2009


That image you reproduced (young girl with a kitten and backpack) has always been one of my favorites -- it almost breaks my heart!
After Gordon Parks Harlem pictures, the "East 100th Street" portfolio seems almost insipid and amaterish.

It could be that Steidl is, hmm, experimenting with distribution. Before Tina Barney's The Europeans went out of print, they offered trade edition copies at $600 labeled "last remaining stocks of first printing". This was at the same time they issued a second printing of Early Color that by all accounts was entirely identical to the first printing (with no means to identify it).

Whether you make that list or not, Mike (and I hope you do), I wish there was a way to get to all the classic TOP lists from the main blog page (or a more obvious way). They are a fine, useful and endlessly entertaining resource. I'd be happy to help track down the URLs.

That shot just happens to be his favourite

"There was a great deal of mystery to her. I didn't know where she had come from, and I didn't get her name, but there was something about that face - the hopefulness, positivity and openness to life - it was the new face of Britain."


Sláinte Mhath


I would love to see this list!
100 Photographers You Should Know About


The cover photo of England/Scotland 1960 is reputed to be a personal favourite of Davidson's. He talks about it, and how he took it, in an interview in the Guardian newspaper (UK):


From Dublin, Happy St. Pat's to you too Mike!!!! Have a good one.

How about several smaller lists exemplifying various genres or motifs- old, or new. Whatever the decision, the week shouldn't pass where at least one book and one photographer doesn't get highlighted, which is probably the case anyway...

Thanks for the Minor White tip! It is a beautiful book. Minor clearly went out of style, but his photography is superb, and anyone interested in spiritual dimensions in photography should get to know him as deeply as possible. I have Windowsill Daydreaming, and have loved it deeply for some 30 years now.

The collection mania is starting to show up explicitly at Amazon. I was looking at Danny Lyon's upcoming "Memories of Myself," which is an off-putting title. But the contents are very promising -- short photoessays that I remember, but which never made it to book length. For example, the group of Appalachian kids from the near North side of Chicago that he was shooting in 1965. And there's an interview with the late Hugh Edwards. But both the blurbs on the book stressed how valuable first editions of his 1960-70's work has become, how Martin Parr places two of his books in his personal pantheon, and how collectible this release is certain to be. Gaaah. I just want to know if the reproductions are good, and what voices will I hear in the text.

Well, I bought it (linking from this site), and I fully expected to see at the bottom of the page that the folks who visited this site also considered purchasing a Leica Safari kit. No luck on that.


England/Scotland 1960 is another of my favorites, brought home to the UK from Barnes and Noble in Seattle... I much prefer it to Frank's London/Wales from a few years before.

Since you've covered two of very top picks in the last week or two (An English Eye was the other) how about having a look at my "if I could only keep one" choice - Philip Perkis' "The Sadness Of Men"?


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