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Friday, 06 March 2009


Econo-hunkering. That's what I'm doing.

Dunno. Maybe it's just me, but the current economic climate has distinctly unexcited about ANY photo product I've seen announced so far this year. Mike knows from my prior postings and e-mail that I am a certified gear head. If I am looking over at my D3 and saying like Han Solo to his ship the Millennium Falcon, "hold together baby" AND if I am representative of the gear-obsessed consumer, it's going to be rough sledding for the photo industry as a whole for the next couple of years. Now where did I see that ad for a new S-mount Zeiss 50/1.5 Sonnar?

Ben Marks

Mike, is there an estimated release date associated with this camera?

I'm drooling over it... but my compact point & shoot is near death so I don't know if I should wait or just get an LX-3.

We have an embarrassment of riches as far as choices of amazing photo gear. Unfortunately, there is a slight lack of the monetary riches.

Couldn't do it, Mike.

Couldn't watch that whole intro. I'm selective about how I waste my time.

Hope they got those speed issues worked out, but as a newly downtrodden downsizing for the downturn, by the time I could afford this camera, there may be DP4 vaporware to consider.

I'm camera-ed up probably for the rest of my life! But the DP2 is the only camera that I've been eager to see. I've never touched a DP1 but was piqued by its promise. It's implementation chilled my jets.

I'm hoping that Sigma would learn its lesson and perhaps deliver a DP2 that better fulfilled that promise. But the more I learn about the DP2, and the more sizzle Sigma wafts into the air, the lower my hopes. At this point, based on what little I've learned, I'll probably pass on it again.

Mike, is the DP2 really going to be an upgrade from the DP1? The very different lens would indicate to me that it might just be sold alongside the DP1, and I haven't seen any evidence suggesting that the DP2 improves significantly on the DP1 in any major way. I remain thoroughly unconvinced that the DP2 will be a better camera for most people than the Canon G10 or the Panasonic LX3.

I'm a big fan of the DP-1. OK, so it's not the most perfect camera ever, sometimes it's a pain to use, but I've always been dead chuffed by the pictures I get out of it, which just (to me, anyway) seem so much better than what I'd been getting out of my old Canon 400D.
The DP-2 sounds great, and it's tempting, but I'd need to try and trade off my DP-1 to subsidise it.

But what would be really cool? A DP-3, with a lens mount and a few good primes. Something like the Panasonic G1 or that new Samsung NX, but without the cod-SLR styling (maybe more like the Olympus mock-up), with that excellent foveon sensor.
That would rock.

I think Sigma may have missed the boat on this one. First, after reviewing the DP1, I have doubts as to how good the handling will be on this camera. There was really no excuse for the DP1 to handle like a camera from the early days of point and shoots. Second, it is going to be competing with the new 4/3rds systems which also have high def video, interchangeable lenses and a host of other cool aspects. Some of the upcoming Olympus models are quite small as well. I guess if the price is low enough it may make it, but the DP1 was overpriced.


I should add, though, that there is something indescribable about the fovean sensor. Some of the images it produces are well above expectations.

I was just looking at these samples myself, and I agree, f2.8 looks really good. Sharp focus, decent bokeh. I wish they had shown some samples at higher ISOs though. The DP1 did not excel there.

Have a look at this link for Sigma dates:

Amateur Photographer

Am I the only one who doesn't want to pay a significant amount of money to be restricted to 41mm?

Not even an homage to the late great Douglas Adams?

Not 28mm or 24mm or 35mm or even 50mm. Why 41mm?

Since you asked...



I just hope Sigma gets in the micro4/3 wagon so we can test the Foveon sensor on the future Zuikos, Leicasonic & al. Even with poor handling maybe we'll get an extraordinary "non-bayered daytime camera" next to the yet to be Olympus camera. With one in each pocket, choice is really a good thing.

José S.

Since you asked...



Thanks, Mike.

I get it now. :)

I'm excited by this camera and by the other recent attempts at a compact camera with a high quality sensor. The fixed focal length works fine for me - in the age of digital editing it allows you so much more flexibility in cropping the image to frame the picture exactly the way you want it that a zoom is less important for me. If the trade off is that it doesn't go truly wide in exchange for excellent resolution AND shallow depth of field in a compact camera - I'll take it. The one niggle I have is that I wish these cameras would include a little on board flash as putting a large external flash on these cameras pretty much negates the pocketable aspect of them.

Longtime readers will know that the DP-2 missed Mike's favorite focal length by a single millimeter - close enough I guess. It's worth downloading the PDF brochures to take a look at the additional samples, they are very impressive. Anti-shake technology would really put this camera over the top...

A viewfinder, a viewfinder, my kingdom for a viewfinder!

But you gotta love those Foveon blues-so to speak. The colors are truly scrumptious, and the blues are quite different from any digital camera picture I've seen, other than the Sigma SD series DSLRs.

I think this may well be the camera to replace my Canon 5D, allowing me to climb off inexorable upgrade train to 5D2 and beyond.

I am using my Zeiss Ikon more and more for "artistic" work, and will likely end up with the Mamiya 7II at some point. But the convenience of digital as a snapshot go-everywhere camera won't go away and this camera's size and IQ look just perfect to me.

If it's not the DP2 then it will be one of the M4/3 cameras. I prefer the DP2 form factor to the G1. 40mm is perfect for me. I used to love 28mm on the 1.6 crop.

Assuming i could afford it, and the economy, etc etc. I am interested.
The DP1 attracted my interest, but the apparent slowness of its operation/processor was for me a deal breaker.

But, IF they have improved the processing speed, this one is for me, even more interesting. It would though be a spendy little toy, ecspecially since i would only buy one with the "optional" viewfinder.

I am a user of the "normal" lense perspective. My current carry-a-round camera is a Nikon D60 with the 35mm f/2 AF attached. For me, the 43mm 35mm equiv. POV is the main point.

Given the hot shoe you are free to add a VF to the camera at any time if that is your wish. Personally I don't know that it's entirely necessary.

I hope this camera is cheaper and more responsive/better handling than the DP1. I'd really like a cheap entry point into playing with the Foveon sensor. That little crappy Polaroid branded generic point and shoot that came out a while back doesn't count. At the right price point I'd be willing to give up the focal length flexibility for that.

Sigma's fancy but slow website does nothing to dispel the impression that their cameras look great but are sluggish operationally. Didn't their marketing department think of the impression they are creating?

Don't know about you people in the polluted smoggy skies of the northern hemisphere, but a sunny day here in New Zealand renders almost any LCD useless in outside daylight - any eye-level VF is virtually necessity be it optical or electronic.
I had high hopes for the DP1 but the price and the slow operation put me off. But now Olympus looks to give us a DP-size body with interchangeable lenses then its future will really depend on state-of-the-art operational performance and a competitive price because it will take more than just the sensor to win me over now.

I have a DP1, even though my preferred focal length is 50mm. The DP1 suits my needs better. They claim improvements in speed, but that's not really saying much considering how slow the DP1 was, and the high-ISO performance on the DP1 was also underwhelming. When you can abide by its limitations, the image quality on the DP1 is absolutely stunning, however.

At the moment, I am debating whether to get a DP2 or a LX3/D-Lux 4.

I couldn't possibly be more excited (or hopeful) for the Sigma DP2. That lens sounds dead perfect to me. What could be easier than pre-visualizing a picture with a camera that sees the same angle of view that you do. As long as it hits the requisite check boxes...

-modest raw buffer
-reasonable AF
-decent at up to iso 800

...it'll be a no brainer. Personally, I find it impossible to overstate how important it is that this camera allows for at least some background separation at modest shooting distances. This is the first and only pocketable digital camera with that capability.

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