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Thursday, 12 February 2009


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Silly me, I thought it might be Darwin.

Nice to read that, as I'm a "student" of Mr. Lincoln. I've often thought he wasn't "human", but increasingly I see the man, but also an extraordinary humanity.


52 years on Earth and I've *never heard* that Lincoln and Darwin were born on the same day. You really do learn something new every day....


Heh, thought it was Darwin too.

I posted this on the original post, but again... this is a revelation.

I can't help but think Timothy Greenfield-Sanders when I see this. Single broad light, gray background, eyes into the camera. Somehow it's proof that the basics never go out of style.

I couldn't recall you ever posting a photograph of Darwin so I went for Lincoln. I didn't know they were born on the same day until now



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