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Thursday, 15 January 2009


Seems like you're moving toward Lake Woebegon territory. I like it.

As a motorcyclist who rides every day, no matter the weather, I can heartily endorse your direction to your son.

As many hikers and bikers are wont to say: "cold hands? wear a hat!"

What on earth are you talking about, Mike...? I've been wearing my hat for a month, now!

Hats, yes. Though when it's balmy like this, I usually use my 2003 Cubs commemorative hat, (Marlins). I'm saving the Stormy Kromer, bright red, for the cold weather. Don't want to wear it out.

Bron, from sunny South Bend, one of the garden spots of the upper Midwest.

It's in the low 40s (above!) here in Anchorage due to our annual January Thaw They've closed the school district and buses two days in a row now because of the extreme melt making the road conditions incredibly treacherous. Yesterday, on the way into work very eary, I used my brakes and slide nearly an entire block.

42 degrees yesterday.........107 to you guys in US of A

It's funny you should mention hat weather because it's definitely "hat weather" around here also -- 40° Celsius is forecast today here in sunny Perth, Western Australia! :-)

Isn't it funny how big a difference there can be in two people's concept of what a hat is, what it's for and when someone should wear one?

In North Dakota the natives would say, "Twenty below keeps the riff-raff out."

I'm actually writing this comment from Appleton, WI Airport --Leaving for San Francisco. Good bye arctic air!

Hat weather here too: Tonight's low predicted low: -20 degrees C (2.2 F). Brrrr, that's cold.

I just read that while sitting on the beach while my daughter builds a sandcastle... it's 71 degrees and sunny in LA. Personally I find the weather here pretty boring, but I suppose I shouldn't complain...

As a I recall your son has a mess of
hair on his noggin. Tell him to stack it high and wide, tie with a ribbon then put on his
toque. Tight over his forehead and ears.
He is your son Dad, and you love him dearly.
However he is a teen and as such does things his way. Regardless of what you say!

Five winters in Wisconsin as a young man has lasted me a lifetime. It was 65 degrees here in San Antonio today.

Move to Austin Mike. Locals around here were complaining today because it only hit 48 for high. Please don't feel bad for us though as it will be back in the low 70's by the weekend. Not sure I could go back the "real" cold again.

Ha ha, it is warmer where I am in Canada! Granted, I am in the ONLY place that is not -40C right now, but still.

It takes -30C to get me in a hat. I will wear knee high socks under my pants, two layers of gloves, and my biggest coat... but never the hat.

Mmmmm, colder this morning in Wisconsin. I love minus 40---then you don't have to worry about converting F to C for your friends overseas...

(It's -20 F. And I promised myself that I'd get up early this morning and shoot the Bong prairie at dawn. But it's so nice and comfy, and I was playing with a bunch of new strobe equipment last night...)

I think you got your Fahrenheit and Celsius a little confused there Mike.
-15F is awfully fr***in' cold whereas 26 C is very pleasantly warm.

It was -22 F in Minneapolis this morning...

I'm in that part of Canada that is minus 30 C reaching minus 40 with windchill. Wore a hat and a Canon G9 and found the camera worked fine in these temps even though the spec sheet shows a lower operating bound of 0 C. The hat however, clearly needs more hair underneath it.

I was out on my first night with my D700 for two hours at -30C and below. I took lots of pictures of my kids and the camera worked fine.
Funny that they would cancel school at such a warm temperature. I personally have walked to school in -40 with wind.
I wear my hat, but I don't always wear socks.

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