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Wednesday, 14 January 2009



Have you gone to the dark side? Alas the poor Nikon D700 or D3!

And alas the portrait taken with fancy pants camera. Just goes to show you that it is not all in the camera.

For my money Scout Tufankijan's photography of BHO is more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.


Scout also shoots with a Nikon D3 and prime lenses. No zooms. Yes She Can!

Unfortunately, when "Back Ordered" is visible (it's in place of "Add to Cart"), it is impossible to add it to your cart for purchase.

10:18pm Alaska time they are available.

I've tracked scarce items at B&H in the past. The way you find out that something on back order is ABOUT to be available is to either put it in the cart, or select "show only in stock items" higher on the page. If it is within 24 hours of being "in stock," this magically works. If not, the website tells you that you are wasting your time. The latter is of course the most common response.


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