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Thursday, 01 January 2009


Have a great year ahead and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in 2008.

And a "New Years Thank You" to you also. I tune in daily (even if I seldom post) and I find your blog both enriches my photography and adds to my enjoyment of this hobby. It has provided me with lots of valuable new information and to the dismay of my wife, caused me to purchase numerous new books. Thank you Mike.

Happy New Year Mike and all on TOP

Care to share your short list for what speakers you may purchase?

So likewise Mike & ditto to Zander.

T.O.P. could be described as comfort food
as much as reading CALVIN & HOBBS.

Keep on keepin' on


Best wishes and Warmest regards......

Happy New Year, Mike.

Thank you for taking the time to run this little oasis in the pixel-peeping wasteland that passes as photographic discourse on the internet. Your presence is very much appreciated.

Good luck in 2009.

Happy New Year Mike.

I predict 2009 will be another great year for TOP.


Happy New Year, Mike.
Keep warm up there.

Much love Mike,
and Happy New Year to you and your readers.

All the best for '09 Mike.

Happy New Year from here in England to you all.

A day without you posting is a day waiting in vain for me. I dont want objectivity but love opinionated, self centred, obsessive writings (so more of these please without toning yourself down) ... I enjoy your blog the most and miss the Sunday OT rantings.


Thanks for 2008 and Best wishes for 2009!


Thanks for everything, Mike, and have a wonderful 2009.

Speakers? Make sure you check out the offerings from your northern neighbour.

HNY to all!

Love that Calvin and Hobbes (it's called Casper & Hobbes here in the Netherlands) comic!

Happy new year to you Mike, and everybody else who reads this.

Mike, thank you for your wonderful writing. Your humanity shines through this screen. I wish you a happy 2009!


Happy New Year Mike. Thanks for making 2008 a great one at "The Online Photographer". It's an oasis of terrific reading I look forward to every day.

Tom K.

Happy New year Mike and to everyone in TOP land.

Mike, in an always happy spirit, I can't help but to reread your old post from your older site; http://theonlinephotographer.blogspot.com/2006/12/in-memory-of-shutter-bug_11.html

Best of the season to everyone.


My mate and I celebrated the arrival of 2009 in advance, three weeks ago, by sending our lender our last mortgage payment of $1,200. Thus, our 30-year mortgage is history! I'm celebrating further by ordering a bunch more of film and more darkroom chemicals and Ilford printing paper.


I just want to say thank you for your generosity in sharing your thoughts, knowledge and even parts of your life with us all. Happy New Year!


Ken T --

But what if you had to make a choice between satellite TV and the Internet in general? I personally didn't watch much of anything anything on TV, except election night and the occasional football game, in all of 2008. But I would be hard put to do without the 'net.


John C-
Honestly I would nix television in favor of the Internet without a second thought.

There are only two things I watch on television with much regularity; pro football and Turner Classic Movies. Football has become much less compelling during recent years, to the point where I would not mourn a 2009 players strike...that dragged-on indefinitely.

TCM is far more of a draw to me. But having an enormous in-house library of films I would only partially mourn the loss of TCM. I could easily keep myself entertained for the rest of my life from my own films.

The other 10,000 satellite channels and the local on-air stations are basically adolescent crap and noise that I avoid. I guess I'm just getting old but I have a very hard time enduring any commercial-sprinkled programming for more than 10-15 minutes.

My print just arrived, and I love it! I especially love the satiny look of the dark regions, and the warmth radiating from the house. Thank you so much. Happy New Year!

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