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Monday, 10 November 2008


Most of readers are not care first edition or 2nd printing edition, only care the 2Q - quality and quantity.

Appresently Steidl and most of publishing are not like to disclose the quality and quantity to readers. : )

Recently I buy the photo book - Beaufort West [SPECIAL EDITION] (Hardcover)
by Mikhael Subotzky, the publishing Chris Boot said that the book only printed 3000 copies.

Another book is Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Photopoetry, since the publishing Chronicle Books said that it is a 350 duotones
printing book.

Frankly, I feel a bit troubled by all of the discussion here about the monetary value of Saul Leiter: Early Color regardless of which edition or printing we are discussing. The real value of this work is the images it contains, not the potential appreciation. In the end we are only caretakers of the objects that we possess. I acquired this photo book a few weeks ago after Mike’s first alert. Being a devotee of the Ansel Adams school, a friend of mine suggested that I wouldn’t like it. The night it arrived I spent some time paging through it. I found it to be a revelatory and instructional work. I was amazed at the creativity found in these pages and it has certainly changed my views on the nature of photography. This is a work that I will study and cherish for years to come.


Hi Mike,

When you couch it in those terms, I find the price discussion much more palatable. I'm not so sure some of the commentators view it that way though. In any event, keep those recommendations coming. I appreciate the alert from the expert. BTW, I cannot view the Recommended by M.J. box. If there is something really special I appreciate a red alert post.


Well, the reply to the 'featured comment' got my attention. I bought a copy of 101 Books (if it's the same one, and I'm pretty sure it must be) for $40, I think, at Half Priced Books. But it's the Trade Edition, so it might not be worth so much. I see there was also a Limited Edition of 500 copies and a Deluxe edition of 101 copies. But the Trade edition I have is well-printed oversized hardcover -- in fact, I'd say the printing is terrific, and the dust jacket and binding are pristine. I don't know why you'd have to go without, if the Trade Edition is normally priced, and if you're not so much interested in the collector value.

To tell the truth, I looked at it when I bought it (I *do* remember looking at it) and put it on the shelf and haven't looked at it again.

Mike, I don't see anyway to put an attachment with a post, so I'm gong to e-mail a scan of the cover to you, to see if we're talking about the same book.


John, as Mike mentioned, the cheapest copies of the trade edition are now offered above $800.

If you don't care about the book, congratulations on a terrific investment - although to me the $800+ valuation is another example of absurd pricing, when you can still buy for less the Deluxe, which is certainly more valuable.

But I think you should give it another look before reselling it. See Edward Tufte's review on amazon (if you don't know who Tufte is, have a look at his own seminal books too).

Just wanted to let anyone reading this know that currently the book is available from Amazon again (both UK and US).

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