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Tuesday, 07 October 2008


Your suggestion distinctly reminds me of a night I was in San Francisco in 1968, when I was 14 years old, when after an Avalon Ballroom concert during which Janis Joplin, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and other 60s bands played and sang on the stage, the people I was with decided to leave the Ballroom and drive to an old Victorian domicile for an unknown reason but probably to score some drugs. We opened the front door of that Victorian house, walked about 12 feet down the hallway, and opened a door that opened to a downward stairway. Upon descending the stairs completely, we walked into a room and I was immediately startled: sitting in a corner on his butt with his head tilted down and his eyes closed was a male who was obviously severely stoned on either speed, heroin, hashish, mescaline or acid, or another potent drug. A record player next to him was incessantly playing at high volume Bob Dylan's first album, and the stoned male was obviously enjoying every moment of its accompaniment to his bombed state, although it was obvious that he was so stoned it would have been impossible to attempt to speak with him. If only I'd had my Leica equipment then, I'd have a clearer (photographic) image of that startling moment, clearer than that which has never left my mind!

All this great photographic information AND a Dylan fanatic too? No wonder I "waste" so much time on your site. By the way the album (do they still call them that?) is superb - outtakes and live cuts from the last 20 or so years. Red River Shore (outtake from Time Out of Mind) and Most of the Time (alternate take from Oh Mercy) are the standouts to my ears. Who cares if I have any 401K as long as there is new Dylan to be heard...

Mike, I can remember the first time I heard Dylan in Rock and Roll mode... via someones transistor (remember them!) radio on the school bus going home. That soaring organ driven riff and Dylan wailing out 'How does it feel' - and everyone on the bus singing it out! Everything was different after that.
The best music doco ever? DA Pennbakers 'Dont Look Back. Dennis F.

Dylan's album was released today, Tuesday 10/7/2008. Discounted at Borders. Downloaded from iTunes Monday night.

One day, it will probably be against some law to say this but, much as I really admire early-period Dylan, it's his songs from Oh Mercy onward that work best for me. He finally (to my ears) became the songwriter that everyone always said he was. I'm just loving this - radically different takes on my favourite Dylan songs. Done deal, this album, obviously. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks for the link Mike. I've been stuck in a Gorecki jag for a while, so its great to get some nice, upbeat music.

"...vague plaguey thoughts of hell and handbaskets..."

Mike, you're a poet, too? Damn that's good! The Dylan sounds great, too. Music is a salve for rough times. And the way you lined up the Dylan portraits, with the shoulder's blending, is very cool, highlighting both the change and the continuity in Bob's look and life.

I'm not a great Dylan fan but followed the link anyway and as a result discovered a great band I'd never heard of before. Dead Confederate rocks. Thanks for the link Mike.

I'm just going to say that I'm very happy right now.


Long time photographer, Florida boat captain, and denizen of the photo.net Leica forum, Al Kaplan, was a 1960's rock photographer in one of his former lives. A few years ago a friend helped him begin to catalog and scan some of his photographs of that era. Some of them are quite amazing. I purchased an early photograph of Dylan and Joan Baez for my older sister who has been a Dylan fan since the very beginning. Here is a blog posting about the photograph:


"Thanks for the link Mike. I've been stuck in a Gorecki jag for a while, so its great to get some nice, upbeat music."

Archer, that was the funniest thing I've heard all week. Dirges to just plain depressing. Whew!

Wow, it's ridiculous how much his son, Jakob, looks just like his younger self.

God bless you! I just got the CD to add to my collection.


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