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Monday, 22 September 2008


Thanks for the reminder to Bill, it is a long time that I visited his website.

Btw, this forgotten camera series is really great. Maybe there will be an exhibition some day - or a book? Because there are also wonderful stories from time to time...

Why do I know the name "Bill Emory?" It sort of triggers a response in the back of my mind that he's some kind of well-known photographer, but I can't put my finger on any of his work.

This "forgotten camera" is a little bit different. For a start it's less than 15 years old, and if you could find one on eBay it would cost a lot of money--even the not-so-rare 35Ti goes for $250 to $400!

Cheers, Robin

The Nikon 28Ti is one of those camera I always wanted but didn't have the money for back in the day, and which I hope will get its digital equivalents soon.

I was fortunate to get one this year. I've only processed 1 roll of film in it so far but the results I got were very good. I gave my thoughts on the Nikon 28ti on the following link:


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