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Friday, 19 September 2008


What a great idea! Thank you for pointing this out.
Honestly, just a few hours ago I was checking Amazon for pricing on the Walker Evans book and considering spending close to $100 on a used copy of the 50th anniversary edition of American Photographs... I think I'll wait for the 'Books on Books' edition! Regards, Nick

So, if I understand correctly, these are books about photography books, and each book will consist largely of photographs of a book of photographs (and text), as well as text about the photographed book... I love it! Perhaps someday I'll read about these books in a book. (Sorry, Mike, I just developed a roll of film for the first time in ages, and fixer fumes must be making me giddy. I do like the idea, and wish Mr. Ladd great success (and hope The Decisive Moment is on his list).)

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