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Thursday, 14 August 2008


but the margin of victory was scarily close 48 to 52%. Bruce is a total wing nut but people generally get the representation that they deserve.


Hmmm. I hate being hassle by police when I photograph, but I hardly think it is a central issue for choosing a representative. I cannot help to wonder what the article would be if it was a Dem photographer kicker.

Democrats don't kick people when they're down. [s]

Mike J.

It's funny to read about Bruce outside the local political pages. There's a rich back-story to this blurb, probably more than either of us wants to review here. Suffice it to say that Bruce's cranky kick only added the press to his lengthy lists of antagonists. The man made a career of attacking state government from outside. Ten years ago, he was successful in giving Colorado some of the toughest tax limitations in the country. Our roads, schools and public institutions are much the worse for it today.

Bruce joined the Legislature as a midterm vacancy appointment, but had the ego to demand a full-scale swearing-in ceremony all for his lonesome. For his Democratic colleagues, and many of the GOPs, a "swearing-at" would have been more appropriate.

This story appears to show how one man really "got off on the wrong foot" in a new job, but really his mouth had done most of the damage already. Either way, it's good to see him go. And I like the photo. The background is irresistible. I wonder if a reader in India wouldn't see him as just another devout, cow-worshipping Hindu?

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